About company

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    Skylark creates products for a variety of industries.  Skylark creates end-to-end, broadcast quality Ingest, Automated Playout, Branding Systems, Products and Solutions for:

    • Broadcasting,
    • Entertainment,
    • Content Creators & Producers,
    • Postproduction Companies,
    • Cable,
    • Telecom IPTV,
    • Satellite,
    • Internet & Web ,
    • Mobile,
    • Travel,
    • Corporate,
    • Retail.

    SkyLark History

    Canadian based SkyLark Technologies, Inc. has been in business for 10 years with a mature suite of products that are now running in over 600 installation sites worldwide. SkyLark has a reputation for not releasing applications unless they’ve been fully vetted using voluntary beta sites for testing and verification.

    SkyLark has worked since the beginning to be an end-to-end solution provider.  Having the video server is only one part of the puzzle.  Skylark also has Master Control, Production Automation, Media Content Transcoders and File Wrappers, Digital Media Asset Management, Content Distribution, Transmission Monitoring, Multi-Viewers, NLE Editors, Graphics Systems, etc. One of the best aspects of SkyLark’s end-to-end solutions is the fact that they are broadcast quality solutions at an affordable price range.
  • Channel-In-A-Box for Broadcast and Production

    • Next-generation broadcast automation
    • Has a smaller physical footprint
    • Cost less in utilities to cool
    • Cost less in maintenance

    Human Resources

    • Skylark products can operate as a “Light Out” operation to a Fully-Controlled Operation 
    • Advance automation requiring less staff
    • Add more channels or functionality without adding staff

    Extend the life expectancy of broadcast or production equipment

    • Skylark bridges legacy technology with advance Channel-In-A-Box technology.  
    • The “Hybrid” in Skylark’s “Hybrid” Channel-In-A-Box solution means having the ability to control legacy broadcast and production equipment
  • Skylark has Technical Support options to fit every broadcaster and Producer.  Included with every system sale, Skylark provides the first year of “Standard” Technical Support free of charge.  Advanced or extended options are available for purchase.