• 20.03.2015

    New SkyLark SL NEO Channel In A Box Ultra HD 4K with High Frame Rate

    By the NAB 2015 SkyLark Technology company has finished development of the new SL NEO server models working in Ultra HD 4K formats and High Frame Rate modes.

    Channel In A Box Ultra HD from SkyLark has kept the usual functionality. Thanks to the support of new I/O platforms from Matrox and Blackmagic, the I/O interfaces are realized in formats 4х 3G SDI and 6/12G SDI. The set of functions is supplemented by the IP-streaming in UHD resolution with encoding to H.264 and HEVC (it should be mentioned that encoding to HEVC requires a high-productive platform with 40 cores CPU).

    New servers work with frame frequency 25/29.97 and 50/59.94 (High Frame Rate) during playback and recording. Support of H.264 and HEVC codecs during playback is realized for UHD files. Recording UHD signals is implemented with encoding to H.264. Multilayer graphic design in UHD resolution is 
    formed by the server itself, overlaying graphics is implemented both during the file playback and when working “on pass”.

  • 21.11.2013

    SkyLark Technology Inc. has become a supplier to Eurosport, the №1 Pan-European TV channel

    The SkyLark Technology Company has become a supplier to Eurosport, the №1 Pan-European TV channel. On October 15 the companies finalized a new agreement on the delivery of a complete set of client-server software for three HD broadcasting systems for automatic advertising insertion into the programs broadcast in the various countries.

    In 2014 it is planned to make an expansion to over 20 broadcasting systems. In the frame of the project SkyLark Technology will provide technical support during five years.

  • 02.09.2013

    Playout Center of the "REN-TV" Media-Holding: 5 programs of federal broadcasting

    The playout center is placed in the office of REN-TV holding (Moscow) and is intended for round-the-clock forming of 5 programs for a federal zonal broadcasting TV-channel. This unique, compact and high-tech solution is based on the SL NEO media-platform from the company SkyLark Technology.

  • 30.08.2013

    System of encoding, multichannel recording and preparing of content for the web-site of the “First Channel” (Russia, Moscow)

    SkyLark Technology company in common with the biggest Russian system integrator "OKNO-TV" have realized the project of a multichannel complex for coding and recording of on-air programs for the First channel in HD format. 

    The system implements coding of 8 received HD-SDI signals and forms traffic IP-streams with several profiles for future on-line broadcasting at the site of the First channel

    Recording of all on-air programs is implemented in 24/7 mode, simultaneously with coding, forming proxy and including "orbits" of time zones into files. Recorded materials come into the system of collective editing by proxy-copies, that functions at the basis of the client software News Cut  of SL NEO  platform, with using a single database for all users. 

  • 10.01.2013

    Skylark Technology Inc. Enhances CEA-708 and CEA-608 Closed Captioning

    Skylark Technology, a "Hybrid" Channel-In-A-Box Systems Manufacturer, has announced new enhanced features to Closed Captioning operations.

  • 11.06.2011

    Multi-channel recording and IP TS encoding system for All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK)

    The system is designed on a basis of five 8-channel servers of SL NEO 6000 series and works in the mode 24/7; its main function is recording of formed on-air programs, including "orbits", with the purpose of their future "quick" mounting, trimming and placing at the web-resources of All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK).

    All file recorders receive SD SDI signals that are formed by the VGTRK broadcasting complex, and work in the mode of cyclical recording, with regulated "lifetime" of materials: it helps user to use disk space of the servers efficiently. 

    The materials become available for mounting and copying directly in the process of recording: the delay of access is not more than 5 seconds. 

  • 27.05.2011

    SkyLark Technology Inc. has completed the installation in Siberia

    New high-tech playout complex, built to "Saha TV", is designed for day of formation of 4 programs. At the core of the solution - a media platform SL NEO from the SkyLark Technology Inc. company.