SL NEO 5000: Broadcast Graphics & Channel Branding

SL NEO 5000: Broadcast Graphics & Channel Branding

SL NEO 5000: Broadcast Graphics & Channel Branding

SL NEO 5000: Broadcast Graphics & Channel Branding

Media Servers SL NEO 5000 Series

Real-Time UHD/HD/SD Graphics for Channel Branding & Live Production

As a part of the broadcasting or live-production studio, the SL NEO server may be used as a multi-functional graphics design & playout station, that associates graphics with the propagating video and format multi-layered compositions consisting of captions, scrolling text, video effects, on-screen graphics, logos, animated banners, live video fragments, Chroma Key, and 2D DVE effects.

Every output program signal (Fill) is accompanied by a key signal (Key). An audio signal may be presented in Fill outputs. The system inputs may be used either for the creation of 2D effects and live video compositions or for material recording, as it can be done with a normal video server.

Dynamic Compositions Technology

    SL NEO 5000 server line maintains dynamic compositions technology, designed for Branding, Promo, TV News, Weather Forecasts, Economic information, Music Channels, etc. In addition to text and animation, compositions may contain 2D effects, elements of PIP, video, live sources from server inputs and audio track mixes. Functions for the automatic parameterization of text objects contained in compositions have been implemented.

    Each output (program) channel of SL NEO 5000 contains up to eight simultaneously functioning virtual channels for graphics output. Each channel contains its own playlist whith graphics events. Each event may contain a multi-layered combination (without limitation on the number of layers) of text/graphic events.

    Logos, captions, scrolling and crawling text on dynamic backgrounds

    You can create unlimited number of these objects, besides, upon generation of the format, they may be created free-form with any other graphic objects. In addition to text, images may be used as moving objects. The content of scrolling text may change dynamically due to the reading of RSS information.

    TV Clock allows showing visual current time in the form of digital and analogue clocks (full or partial screen) of any design with sound. Collages may be created from digital and analogue clocks with animated backgrounds for several time zones, as well as direct and reverse counters.

    RSS, visualization of sensor indications

    SL NEO 5000 servers allow using different options for visualization based on the dynamic reading of information from RSS resources or text files: SMS chats, weather and currency exchange panels etc. Visualization of various sensor indications (temperature, humidity, pressure, background radiation, etc.) is implemented through the technology of periodic reading of measurement results from text files at the required intervals. The limitations on sensor type and model are therefore removed.


    When formatting broadcast channels, real-time programs, and television news broadcasts, formatting templates are used. For this purpose, the general formatting design is generated, and the text data are entered themselves and loaded separately. This permits the text information to be “disconnected” from the graphics, so that the text can be replaced. If necessary, the formatting of all scrolling text and captions can be simply replaced with the corresponding graphic composition from the design source.


    The servers support all widespread compression formats and file containers for graphics and audio/video files. Graphic events submitted according to schedule may be “tied” to each other and to events in the main playlist. All series 5000 server functions are managed via the network using client PCs.

    Live Video

    Using live inputs as part of a design is an everyday task. SL NEO 5000 lets you apply live input sources to any object and animate the result in real-time, without the use of external scaler equipment.

    The integrated real-time chroma keyer completes a very cost-effective set of tools for creating eye-catching virtual studio productions. Using the color-picker, you can simply select the color to be keyed before fine-tuning its parameters. Multiple chroma keyers can be used within a single scene.


    SL NEO servers support work with any fonts and encoding accessible to Microsoft Windows, including Arabic fonts and movement of text from left to right.

    Server-Client architecture

    SL NEO 5000 server line provides a network architecture in which each computer or process on the network is either a client or a server. Servers SL NEO are powerful computers dedicated to managing media-storages, media & meta-data, ingest & playback operations, file encoding and decoding, online graphics rendering and device control. Client software facilitates the transfer of server requests and the receipt of its replies, due to which users’ commands may successfully implement the management of content, one or several broadcast channels.

    The client software package for 3000/5000 series servers contains a multi-functional graphics editor which permits the creation and editing of captions and graphic compositions. All initial materials and work results of the work are archived in the server array under the management of a database, which facilitates joint work by several users and instant broadcasting of the compositions created.

     Software modules connection diagram

    Technical specifications

    • System Configuration (depends on model): Mainframe - Intel Xeon CPU, PCIe platform, SSD or Dual mirrored SATA boot drives, 1...4 100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, Internal Media Storage (1…24 Tb) or port for ext. Storage, Windows family operating system;
    • Input Channels: 0...4 for SD/HD, 1 for UHD;
    • Output Channels: 1...4 for SD/HD, 1 for UHD;
    • Video Formats (depends on model): SD:   625i, or 525i, HD: 1080i, 25 or 29.97 f/s, 720p, 50 or 59.94 f/s, Ultra HD: 2160p, 25, 29,97, 50 or 59.94 f/s;
    • Inputs/Outputs (depends on model):
      • SD: SDI/CVBS/YUV, Analog/AES/SDI Embedded Audio,
      • HD/SD: HD SDI /AES/SDI Embedded Audio HDMI, SXGA/UXGA/UWXGA (output only),
      • Ultra HD/HD/SD: 3x 4G SDI or 6/12 G SDI, HDMI 2.0;
    • SD/HD SDI Fill+Key Outputs,
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3,
    • Audio: 4 AES/EBU pairs per video I/O channel, 8 pairs embedded per video I/O channel 16-, 20- or 24-bit PCM, 48 kHz,
    • SD/HD File Encoding/Decoding: DVCAM, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, DVCPROHD100, HDV, IMX (30, 40, 50), XDCAM EX (SP, HQ), XDCAM HD (LP, SP, HQ), XDCAM Hd422, DNxHD (36, 145, 220), AVCHD, MPEG2 GOP, H.264, Apple Pro Res, HEVC (decoding);
    • File Containers: AVI, MOV, MXF, DV/DIF, VOB, MPG, BMP, TGA, PNG, PSD,
    • Genlock Reference (depends on model): SD: Bi-level sync input, HD: Tri-level sync input,
    • Timecode/NTP Support: NTP client over Ethernet, LTC in (option),
    • GPI I/O: Inputs 4…16 (option), Outputs 4…16 (option),
    • Control: TCP/IP over Ethernet, GPI (option),
    • Dimensions (depends on model): 1…4RU, Weight (10…40 kg),
    • Power: Power Supply Dual hot-swappable,
    • Voltage: AC 115 to 120 V, 200 to 240 V, auto select.

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