Preparing the Windows OS, First Installation of SL NEO Client Software at the Workstation

Before the installation of client software, make sure that the server platform and the client PC are connected via network. It is not necessary to install extra codecs to the system: everything you need is contained in the setup file of SL NEO platform software. Skylark SL NEO client software has been tested on Windows 7 32/64-bit - we recommend the given OS version for use. Stable work of the client applications on the other versions of Windows is not guaranteed.

The order of operations is the following:

1.        Turn off UAC, reload the machine.

2.        Make sure that the current user has the administrative rights and writing to the registry is allowed.

3.        Check and install the latest drivers for the motherboard, update Bios, if needed.

4.        Install Windows updates.

5.        Switch the Windows power mode to the high productivity, check the mode settings, prohibit switching off disks and the display.

6.        Turn off power saving in the properties of the network adapter. 

7.        Turn off all the messages in the Support Center.

8.        Remove all unnecessary programs from the autoload (Msconfig), turn off the services: Firewall, Windows Update, Windows Search. Reload the machine.

9.        Turn off automatic synchronization of time through the Internet (in the setting menu of Windows date and time).

10.     Using the user profile with the administrative rights, install the set of SL NEO software, pass the setup Wizard or configure the applications (Air Manager, News CUT, Multiscreen) manually. 

11.     After the end of configuring check the connection of the client PC with the server, close and launch again the client software, make sure that its settings are saved after reloading.

12.     Make sure that the client applications display the video correctly in all the windows, in case of problems change the technology of displaying. See the instruction here (menu Configure, window Preview Parameters, tab Display Engine).

13.     After the end of installation save the configuration of SL NEO client software. The detailed instruction for saving the settings is by this link.

Configuring the Client Application Air Manager. Part 1: Setting up Network Connections

Configuring Air Manager allows adjustment of its connections with the active server modules of one or several SL NEO media-servers that work in the general network. Besides, this procedure allows you to adjust different functions of the application and change the parameters of the user interface (fonts, styles, etc).


You should implement adjustment of the application every time when installing Air Manager to a new client station, or when you change the IP addresses of SL NEO servers and add new services (databases, ingest and playout channels).


You can activate the configuring procedure in the menu File/Configure of the application Air Manager.

Item УStorageФ


The tab Storage implements configuring the local or network connections of Air Manager with the database services of one or several SL NEO servers that work in the general network, and contains the following sections and windows:


Storage Servers is the window, where you can observe IP addresses of those SL NEO servers which databases will be connected to Air Manager. These settings are necessary for providing access of Air Manager to SL NEO Media Database modules and displaying clips in the windows Media Browser and File Monitor. Use the button Add to add a new server with a database to which you want to implement connection.


In the field Name of the dialogue box specify the random name for the database (for example, MEDIA1, SRV1, SRV2); In the field Address enter the IP address of the SL NEO server that you want to connect. For the connection with the server database specify the type of connection in the field Type Ц SL Media Storage and the number of the SL NEO Media Database service that you want to connect to. You can find the number of the service in the server control web console (menu section Manage, item Storages). The current software version allows only one type of connection Ц SL Media Storage. In the fields User/Password you should specify the appropriate values for the access to the server database, or leave these fields empty, if the values are not determined. You can adjust the access rights in the server control web console (see the appropriate FAQ section).


You can delete the connection from the list by pressing the button Delete. The buttons Move Up and Move Down are for sorting the list. The servers and their databases will be displayed in the window Media Browser in the sequence that exists in the given window. If the parameters of configuring the server IP address are correct, the left part of the window Media Browser will display a root folder with a name of the connected database. The status of the database service - УonlineФ - will be also displayed in the window. The appropriate modules SL NEO Media Database should be activated at the servers.


The parameter Audio Level has the default value of У0Ф. The level set in this field defines offset of the levels displayed by the sound indicators in the windows File Monitor and Record to a certain number of decibels concerning the dBFS scale. This option is necessary when using the audio levels scale with the protective range in the digital sound signal. Herewith, the maximal level of the audio track will be, for example, -12 dB by the digital scale dBFS. Displaying the maximal level as -12dB at the indicators is very inconvenient for the operators; for displaying the value 0 dB (that conforms the level -12 dB dBFS) at the File Monitor indicators and in the window Record, the +12 dB shift is set in the field Audio Level.


Del to Trash is a parameter that sets the time for automatic deletion of materials from the trash can in days. The technology of deleting files into the recycle bin is implemented in the following way: when deleting a clip from the window Media Browser, Air Manager puts the material into the folder Trash and defines the time of automatic deletion for this material according to the defined value in the field Del to Trash. Setting this parameter is necessary for every workplace (for every Air Manager application respectively).


Edit Metadata Dir Ц is the menu item that allows defining a folder where the server keeps files with text metadata for media-files. When importing files, the text metadata are read off and placed to the server database, it is displayed in the window Media Browser, in the field Comment. The file format is txt, the name for the txt-file should be identical to the name of the media-file.


Log user actions to - defines the folder for recording a log-file that contains information about the user actions.


The windows Icon View, Thumbnail View, List View contain fields that allow the user to adjust modes of displaying icons and text in the Media Browser window.

Tab Services

The item Services allows configuring the local or network connections of Air Manager with the server recording modules (Recorders), playback (Program Channels) and VTR control modules.




In the window Record Services you should set up the parameters for connections of Air Manager to the appropriate SL NEO File Recorder modules. The button New Server allows you to create a new connection. In the field Name specify a random name for the service (e.g. REC1, REC2). Enter the IP address of the server with the launched appropriate service SL NEO File Recorder, into the field Host. Define its sequence number in the field Num.


In the window Broadcast Services you should set up the parameters for connecting the client application to the appropriate playback modules SL NEO Program Player. The button New Server allows you to create a new connection. In the field Name you should specify a random name for the service (for example, PGM, PGM2). Enter the IP address of the server with the launched service SL NEO Program Player into the field Host. Define its sequence number in the field Num.


In the window VTR Services you should set up the parameters for connections of the client application with the VTR control service. In the field Host specify the IP address of the PC with the launched device management service and the configured VTR management service. Set the number of the service in the field Num. In the field Description you should specify a random name for the VTR (e.g. VTR1, VTR2, but not VTR).


Codeword for Playlist Management

The server module SL NEO Program Player allows work with the playlist simultaneously from several client workplaces. In certain cases Ц for example, when the server is connected to a corporate network Ц it may not be desirable for all computers to have the option of playlist management.


To avoid unauthorized changing the on-air playlist, settings of Air Manager include definition of the codeword. If this password is entered incorrectly, the playlist will only be viewable in the read-only mode from that client station. All list playback and editing management functions will be blocked. The codeword is defined while configuring the server platform. The codeword in Air Manager is entered into the column Passwd (window Broadcast Services, menu Services).


If the connections are configured correctly, the main operating field of Air Manager will display the corresponding rec-list and playlist windows, including graphics playback playlists.