Channel Logo Management

SL NEO servers provide at least two options for the logo management. 

The first variant is loading files with logos to the server through the control web console.

ControlPanel.jpgStep 1. Uploading a file with logo.

The file loading procedure is implemented from the Administrator Control Panel while functioning the server software. Login to the console is implemented locally from the server, or from any computer in the network at http://ip address:7901. You should login the control web console as an administrator. 


After the login to the console, choose the item Files in the left-hand menu, then click Upload File and choose a file with logo. The loading procedure includes simple copying files without any conversions. It means that the file with logo should have the full screen resolution with the previously positioned logo. 32-bit TGA, PNG, AVI, and MOV files are supported. When the files are loaded, they will appear in the list on the page Files of the control panel. 


Physical location of the downloaded files is the server folder C:\Program Files\SL NEO Media Platform\run\files

Step 2. Binding the file with logo to a certain playout channel of the server.


The procedure can also be implemented from the control web console, menu item Status

·         In the program channel window (Program_1 at the picture) choose the menu item Logo Clip. In the opened dialogue window choose Source Type: FILE, Source Name - a logo file from the list of previously uploaded files.

·         In the program channel window (Program_1) of the item Logo you can manually turn on/off the logo and see the result at an appropriate server output.

Step 3. Adjustment of turning on/off the logo from a playlist.

The procedure is implemented from the control web console: menu item Manage, tab Program Outputs. Find the tab Actions in the chosen playout channel, click the item Playlist Events. Choose Add Action. Enter the parameters of a rule for logo management from a playlist column into the opened window. 


In the window Action Configuration, enter a random name for the rule into the field Name, choose “1” in the field Layer. Specify the server IP address in the field Address, or leave the field empty if the value is localhost. Choose the service name by the button ... in the field Service. In our example, it is the playout channel #1 (Program_1 on the list). 


In the window Action Condition find the field Variable and specify the playlist column that will be responsible for turning on the logo; set the trigger as EQUAL, enter on in the field Value




Use the same scheme to create a rule for turning off the logo. 




Now the tab Actions contains two new rules. 




To save the configuration, click Apply Changes at the top part of the control console window. Herewith, the playout channel with changed configurations will be reloaded, playback of the current channel will be stopped while reloading.


Now on/off logo control will be implemented from the playlist column Keyer1




Similar adjustments should be implemented for all other server playout channels that need logo control from the playlist. 

Important !!!

When using non-compressed 32-bit files (avi, mov) as dynamic logos with the number of playout channels = 2...4 and more, the server may not have enough RAM, as all files with logos are uploaded into RAM. This problem can be solved by preliminary compression of files with using the built-in 32-bit codec of the SL NEO platform.

This operation can be implemented by the import of Air Manager files and specifying a file folder as the source and the receiver. The imported file will have the bitrate, sufficient for displaying logo in high quality and will have about eight times less size (it will exclude problems with RAM).

The second option is using graphic compositions as logo

Graphic compositions may contain clocks, weather reports and other elements. Control of the compositions playback is implemented from the lists of secondary events of the main playlist.

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