Skylark Guidelines for Network Security and Protection of SL NEO Media Servers

Why is it Prohibited to Install Antivirus Software on Media Servers?

Media servers are used to run highly specialized online tasks, such as continuous playback, recording, and graphics generation. Therefore, any interruptions in the operation of server software modules lead to undesired artifacts — ‘lags’ in playback or skipped frames during recording. 


While working, occasionally, the antivirus software activity leads to the appreciable increment of the load of server processors, and deep integration of this software to the operating system doesn’t allow any influence on its work. That’s why it is impossible to install antivirus software to the server platform that implements online recording and broadcasting operations.

The solution is administrative measures to ensure basic network protection:

1. Install the server in a location physically inaccessible to regular users (e.g. in a server room) and preclude user contact with server cabinets, in order to prevent copying files from external media, installing or running any software, or any other unauthorized operations. 


2. Block access to the Internet from all SL NEO servers located on the network. Disable the use of web browsers and email clients from the server console. 


3. Do not grant common network access to files and folders on the server. We recommend working with the built-in server DBMS, without using Microsoft SMB Protocol for network access to media files; the NetBios service may be disabled at the server. 


4. Assign a static IP to the server, disable management of the domain controller (it’s better not to include the server into the domain). 


5. Disable the Autorun feature for external media. 


6. Disable remote management of the server desktop. 


7. Set up exceptions for elements of SL NEO server software in Windows Firewall. 


8. Do not install or use any additional software on the server except that was provided with SL NEO server. 


As a rule, there are no restrictions on the installation of antivirus software on network client stations that manage SL NEO servers, but you may need additional adjustment of antivirus software for decreasing the load of the client PC in case of non-stop analysis of the network traffic. 

Important Information for Users and System Administrators

Despite the fact that we state that antivirus software may not be independently installed on SL NEO servers, users continue to install and use this antivirus software, after which they contact us with problems connected with slowdown, broadcast pauses, clip database shutdown, and other artifacts connected with the activity of antivirus software. 


Skylark Technology, Inc. and its authorized partners which perform guarantee and post-guarantee services on SL NEO servers will not longer consider the claims of users who independently installed and used on the Skylark SL NEO server platform any antivirus software or any other software except that which was provided in the package with the SL NEO server.