Installing and Configuring Client Software at the Workstation


Managing the SL NEO servers is implemented, as a rule, not from the server console itself, but from the network client PCs, so you should install administrative client software of the SL NEO platform to the client machine.

You shouldn't use the remote desktop for administrating the server, as this technology doesnТt provide a multiuser type of work, necessary interactivity, qualitative video displaying and audio playback in administrative applicationsТ GUI.  

The setup.exe file of the SL NEO media-platform for the client station is provided on a CD/DVD/Flash drive or is loaded from the Internet. A single installation file contains a full set of the server and client software and the entire necessary selection of encoder/decoders. 

Installing the Software onto a Client PC

Before installation of the client software, make sure that the server platform and the client PC are connected via network. It is not necessary to install extra codecs to the system: everything you need is contained in the setup file of the SL NEO platform software. Skylark SL NEO client software has been tested on Windows 7 32/64-bit - we recommend the given OS version for use. Stable work of the client applications on the other versions of Windows is not guaranteed.

The order of operations is the following:

1.        Turn off UAC, reload the machine.

2.        Make sure that the current user has the administrative rights and writing to the registry is allowed.

3.        Check and install the latest drivers for the motherboard, update Bios, if needed.

4.        Install Windows updates.

5.        Switch the Windows power mode to the high productivity, check the mode settings, prohibit switching off disks and the display.

6.        Turn off power saving in the properties of the network adapter. 

7.        Turn off all the messages in the Support Center.

8.        Remove all unnecessary programs from the autoload (Msconfig), turn off the services: Firewall, Windows Update, Windows Search. Reload the machine.

9.        Turn off automatic synchronization of time through the Internet (in the setting menu of Windows date and time).

10.     Using the user profile with the administrative rights, install the set of SL NEO software, pass the setup Wizard or configure the applications (Air Manager, News CUT, Multiscreen) manually. 

11.     After the end of configuring check the connection of the client PC with the server, close and launch again the client software, make sure that its settings are saved after reloading.

12.     Make sure that the client applications display video correctly in all the windows, in case of problems - change the technology of displaying. See the instruction here (menu Configure, window Preview Parameters, tab Display Engine).

13.     After the end of installation save the configuration of SL NEO client software. The detailed instruction for saving the settings is by this link.

14.     The system requirements for software installation are presented .

After the end of installation 5 icons will appear on the desktop of the client station:

1.        SL NEO Media Server Ц the icon for the start and stop of the server software.

2.        Transfer Manager Ц the software module for automatic transfer of media-files. This software is not necessary at the client stations, so you may remove the appropriate icons from the desktop.

3.        Air ManagerЦ the main client application for administrating the server functions.

4.        Multiscreen Ц the network control multi-screen for SL NEO serversТ input and output signals.

5.        News Cut Ц the client application for non-linear editing.

LetТs consider in details the process of configuring the Air Manager application for its connection with the server. 

First Launch of Air Manager, Express Configuring

You should implement configuring as an administrator. If this is the first launch of Air Manager on the machine, the user will be prompted to configure the program components of the application for connecting to the server. The setup wizard offers to establish a connection between Air Manager and the database services of one or several SL NEO servers. 

Connection to the Server Database with Clips

The first step is connecting to the server database with clips. The button Add serves for adding a new server with the database to which you want to implement connection. 




The separate window allows to set the Name and IP address, to choose the type and number of the database service, to which you want to connect. In the field Name you can specify the random name for a database (for example, MEDIA1, SRV1, SRV2).


In the field Type you should choose the storage type Ц a file folder of the server OS or a database service of the SL NEO server. In the field Address set the IP address of the server. The field Service should contain the number of the database service, to which you want to connect. If only one database is configured on the server, the service number is 1 (by default). Leave the fields User and Password empty, if the access rights for the database are not configured. 

Configuring the Air Manager Connections to the Recording Services

The next stage is configuring the Air Manager connection to the recording services. If there are no recording channels on the server, you may skip this step, but if there are channels, in the next window you should set the parameters of the Air Manager connections to the server modules of SL NEO File Recorder software. 




The button Add allows you to create a new connection. In the field Name specify a random name for the service (e.g. REC1, REC2). In the field Address you should specify the IP address of the connected server. The field Service should contain the number of the service. Entry fields are available for editing after double clicking. 

Configuring the Air Manager Connections to the Playback Services

The next stage is configuring the Air Manager connections to the playback services. In the next window you should set up the parameters of the Air Manager connections to the appropriate modules SL NEO Program Player




By the button Add you can create a new connection. In the field Name specify a random name for the service (e.g. PGM1, PGM2). In the field Address you should specify the IP address of the connected server. The field Service should contain the number of the service. 

Configuring the Air Manager Connections to the VTR Control Service

The final stage is configuring of Air Manager connections to the VTR control service for tape recording (if a VTR is presented in the system). In the field Address specify the IP address of the PC that has a launched device management service and configured VTR management. In the field Service set the service number (є1 by default). 


On-air broadcasting directly from tapes is not supported, as the technology is not actual.

Launching Air Manager

After all of these steps the application Air Manager is launched. If the connections are configured correctly and the server works properly, the windows of rec-lists and playlists will be displayed in the main workspace of Air Manager, according to the implemented settings. The window Media Browser should display a server database folder tree with clips; when clicking on a clip, it should be displayed in the window File Monitor


If the server software starts after the launch of Air Manager, you should implement the command File/Reconnect from the Air Manager menu.  


All implemented settings may be changed any moment in the Air Manager Configuration menu (menu File/Configure).  All settings will be automatically saved after the end of Air Manager work.


After the work session Air Manager saves all the active settings and windows location in the Windows registry. You should consider it when you set up rights for users that work with the SL NEO client software. 


You may thoroughly learn all the opportunities of the client software by attentive exploring the appropriate descriptions on this site.  If you have any questions, connect our technical support.  Our specialists will help you to configure your software in remote access mode. If your network doesnТt have the Internet connection, you may use the Internet modem and Team Viewer software.

Licensing the Client Software

You will need license keys for Air Manager and News Cut client software of 1.5 and newer versions. One SL NEO server delivery set contains a license for one network client workplace with the full software set, but you will need licensing for additional client workplaces. If you donТt have extra license but use more than one workplace, a window with the inscription УDEMO MODEФ will be appearing in GUI of every application every 10 minutes. Besides, the duration of imported files in demo mode is not more than 8 minutes. 


After installing the SL NEO client software, the Machine Code will be automatically generated. It will be tied to the hardware components of the network client station (PC). The Machine Code will be displayed in the Help menu of the Air Manager and News Cut applications. To get the activation key for the client station software, you need to send us a Machine Code of the client station. After settling all the necessary formalities we will send you a file with a license key. 


E-mail for sending the codes:


Then you should enter the received file with the key. You should copy the received file license.lic to the folder of the client station C:\Program Files\SL NEO Media Platform\run, or C:\Program Files (x86)\SL NEO Media Platform. 


You should remember that reinstallation of the system disk or operating system will change the Machine Code and the current license of the client PC will become invalid. In case of such situations you should immediately contact us.