Configuring the Synchronous Parallel Record at the Main and Backup SL NEO Servers

Note: the description is valid for software versions 1.7.60 and higher

Backup of recording channels a bit differs from the technology of backup for playout channels: in the normal mode of exploitation record channels of backup servers usually stand, as recording is implemented by the recorders of the main server, and then Transfer Manager implements synchronization of content. However, in some cases you may need a function of synchronous parallel recording onto the main and backup servers. This technology may be useful, for example, when the real-time program should go on-air right after the end of recording: in this situation (when recording is implemented only onto the main server) Transfer Manager may not have time to move the content from the main server to the backup server - actually, broadcasting will be implemented with no backup.


The solution is synchronous parallel recording both to the main and backup servers. In case of failure of the main server, the backup server will continue recording into its local storage.


As a rule, movies and “non-urgent" programs are recorded beforehand with using recorders of the main server, so you can leave the previous scheme of backup by means of Transfer Manager for them. In case of recording real-time programs, implement the following actions: open the appropriate recording line of the main rec-list and in the separate column specify an attribute that will tell the recorder that this line should be passed to the backup playlist, and the recording should be turned on/off synchronously with the main recorder. Operators (depending on a situation) may efficiently activate this mode when recording programs.

Configuring the Recorder of the Main Server

rec_sync_1.jpgConfiguring is implemented from the Administrator Control Panel, when the server software is in work. Login to the console is implemented locally from the server, or from any machine in the network by the address http://server_ip:7901. address:7901.You should login to the control console as an administrator.


After entry to the control console of the main server, choose Manage in the left menu, then find the tab Recorders. In the setting window of the recorder Recorder 1 choose the item General.


In the field Backup recorder address enter the IP address of the backup server, in the field Backup recorder channel choose 1 (the number of the record channel of the backup server). 


Then you should implement the same procedures for all other Record services, changing the parameter Backup recorder channel in the appropriate fields. 


Press Apply Changes in the upper section of the control console window. Herewith, the recording channels with changed configurations will be reloaded. 

Controlling Modes of Synchronous Recording in Air Manager

To activate parallel record of the event at the backup server, you should choose the necessary line in the window Record of the main server and set the value on in the column Backup. The line with the given attribute will be passed into the backup rec-list, start and finish of recording at the main and backup channels will be implemented synchronously, names and attributes of clips in the main and backup storages also will be identical. Transfer Manager won't repeat copying files that have been recorded in this way, there's no need to change the settings of backup copying.