Setting up Several Different Client Software Configurations on one Workstation (PC)

When would this be useful?


First of all, this may be done to make work more convenient: for example, you are using a server with four record channels and two playback channels. A minimum of eight windows should be simultaneously displayed on the monitor of the client station in the Air Manager application: four windows for the rec-lists, two for the playlists, one Media Browser window, and one window File Monitor


If there are other servers in the system – for example, a backup server with the same number of channels, graphics stations, loggers, and so on – displaying all those windows in one Air Manager on a client PC is possible, for sure, but it will be extremely inconvenient for the operator. It would be much easier to open a separate Air Manager for the main playback and a separate one for backup, another Air Manager for recording, another one for editing graphics, another for viewing on-air recordings, and so on. 


Specifically for such cases, SkyLark Technology has provided the option to distribute configurations of SL NEO client software functioning on one operator PC in random and convenient order, for example: 

·         Air Manager configuration for controlling the main on-air broadcasting,

·         Air Manager configuration for controlling the backup on-air broadcasting,

·         Air Manager configuration for controlling recording from VTR and external lines,

·         Air Manager configuration for graphics editing,

·         Air Manager configuration for viewing on-air recordings from a logger.

How can it be configured?

Step 1.

Copy the icon from any client application whose function you would like to distribute onto the Windows desktop of the client PC. Make as many copies of icons on the desktop as you want, and rename them whatever you want, depending on the desirable configuration. 

Step 2.

Select the first icon copy; right-click on it and choose Properties. Then, in the field Object under the tab Label, enter a random name of a new configuration (in English, without spaces) after a space following the quotation marks. 



Step 3.

You should launch Air Manager (the copy of an icon that corresponds with the selected configuration) and set up the application in the new configuration accordingly. 

Step 4.

Select the next icon copy, right-click on it and choose Properties. Repeat steps 2 and 3. 


You can set up several configurations on a single client station in the same way, and not only for Air Manager, but for any SL NEO platform client application. 

How to quickly transfer settings to another client PC?

Step 1.

Save all client application icons from the source PC’s desktop with changed parameters in the window Object. 

Step 2.

Launch regedit on the client source PC from which you need to copy the settings for all SL NEO platform applications, and save the registry path. 


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Skylark] for 64-bit Windows or [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Skylark] for 32-bit Windows as a *.reg file. 

Step 3.

Launch the obtained .reg file on the client PC on which you wish to transfer the settings, enter the data to the register, and then copy the saved client application icons to the desktop of this PC. 


Please note that the method described above is not quite traditional, but it is faster than the traditional method. Any SL NEO client application offers the option of saving all settings to a file using the menu File/Configure in the usual, traditional way. You can save Air Manager settings, for example, using the menu File/Configure/Save to File/Load from File; you can save or load the placement of all the windows using the menu File/Window/Save Windows/Load Windows