Synchronous Multi-Channel Playout for Display Systems at Stadiums, Concert Halls, TV Studios

Synchronous Multi-Channel Playout

The SL NEO Media Platform provides a solution for live performance multi-channel playback. Specifically designed to play multiple video for live shows and themed entertainment, it can replay up to 8 HD channels of high quality video. The SL NEO Media Player can be controlled using play-lists and commands giving the live engineer, installation designer with full control of the show at all times.

Playback materials can be loaded from any Workstation capable of creating files in any popular video/audio formats.

SL NEO servers move to an all-new level of functionality for venue production with the Air Manager — a software control tool designed to control all server channels. Created using feedback from our clients, SL NEO 2000/3000 is a server with ingest & playout application with capabilities that go far beyond other available products.

Onboard media preparation tools allow the operator to define and organize content while recording is still underway. And with configurable shortcut keys, live asset and metadata updates, and built-in tool for instant navigation to key points in long pieces of media, the SL NEO 2000/3000 allows you to get your material on-air in record time.

One SL NEO 2000/3000 server may contain up to 8 SD-HD SDI inputs, to which signals from cameras and simple sources are sent (signals may be asynchronous). Using live inputs as part of a design is an everyday task. SL NEO 3000 lets you apply live input sources to any object and animate the result in real-time, without the use of external scaler equipment.

The integrated real-time chroma keyer completes a very cost-effective set of tools for creating eye-catching virtual studio productions. Using the color-picker, you can simply select the color to be keyed before fine-tuning its parameters. Multiple chroma keyers can be used within a single scene.

Preliminary creation of compositions with the use of Chroma Key, Live Sources, and Captions can be switched by the director using Hot Keys. The incorporated Hot Keys technology allows an additional keyboard to be connected either to the server or the client station, which may be convenient for changes in sources and compositions.

Basic SL NEO server functions related to multiscreen playback:

  • Broadcast from 1 to N channels: synchronized broadcast of file materials according to schedule for the videographic formatting of information panels and video walls;
  • Operations “in passing”: display of signals arriving through the server inputs;
  • Layering of graphic information over the broadcast signal (captions, scrolling text, logos, clock, 32-bit video, SMS/RSS);
  • Support of popular file and encoder/decoder formats for playback;
  • Support of signal formats and output interfaces: SDI/YCRCB/CVBS, SDI Embedded/AES/Analog Audio, DVI/SVGA...QSXGA, SPTS/MPTS in ASI/IP, MPEG-2/Н.264;
  • Built-in playlist layout and editing instrument;
  • Combined, collective user operations when viewing materials with limited access rights to system resources, management of broadcast channels via a common simple, convenient user interface;
  • Generation of reports on major events (playback, data management, user activity).

Field of Application:

  • Outdoor advertising screens;
  • Screens in airports, stations, stores, hotels, bars, and restaurants;
  • Display systems at sports competitions and stadiums;
  • Multi-monitor concert complexes;
  • Display systems, panels in studios;
  • Display systems in situation centers;
  • Screens in museums and at expositions.