Skylark Technology Inc. Enhances CEA-708 and CEA-608 Closed Captioning

Broadcasters have been required to use glue products or 3rd party external products for Closed Loop operations utilising both HD and SD video formats. The Skylark SL NEO Series can now automatically convert on-the-fly Closed Captioning metadata for either SD or HD play-out.  "We can store media content with either CEA-708 or CEA-608 Closed Captioning formats and convert them live as you play-out media content from our "Hybrid" Channel-In-A-Box automation video servers", notes Alex Sadovsky Skylark Technology President. The Skylark system has the capability to store and play-out Closed Captioned media content regardless of whether the media content and Closed Captioning metadata is imported via short or long-form recording or file transfer.

Also available as a standard features on the Skylark SL NEO Series is live-manual Closed Captioning data entry capability. "Broadcasters that produce TV shows can add or import Closed Captioning metadata to their media content files," notes Sid Guel, Skylark Technology Business Development.  "Any keyboard connected to the Skylark system via direct, LAN, or WAN can be used as a real-time Closed Captioning data entry point. The Closed Captioning metadata is stored in the Skylark database for play-out to air," continued Guel. The Closed Captioning metadata can also be exported as metadata within media content files in SD-CEA-608 or HD-CEA-708 formats.
Skylark's HD/SD NLE NewsCut editing system supports Closed Captioning. The NewsCut editing system has two edit modes, Hard-Cuts editing or EDL editing. The Skylark "Hybrid" Channel-In-A-Box system automatically determines the editing mode used and auto-selects the appropriate Closed Captioning metadata for on-air or production play-out.
The Skylark Graphics system supports Closed Captioning during design and play-out. During the graphics design phase, Skylark has the ability to store manually-entered Closed Captioning metadata. If the graphics design involves rolling video content with built-in Closed Captioning metadata, the Skylark "Hybrid" Channel-In-A-Box system gives broadcasters the ability to select either the manually entered Closed Captioning metadata or the Closed Captioning metadata built-in to the video media content for on-air or production playout.
"Broadcasters want to do more with less, add value to their channels, and develop new revenue streams with only an incremental increase in costs," said Guel, Business Development - Americas.  "The premise of "Channel-in-a-Box" is cost savings and today Skylark can offer broadcasters quality video and audio, on-air reliability, a smaller footprint, and cost savings, in one system."