System of encoding, multichannel recording and preparing of content for the web-site of the “First Channel” (Russia, Moscow)

SkyLark Technology company in common with the biggest Russian system integrator "OKNO-TV" have realized the project of a multichannel complex for coding and recording of on-air programs for the "First Channel" (Russia, Moscow) in HD format. 

The system implements coding of 8 received HD-SDI signals and forms traffic IP-streams with several profiles for future on-line broadcasting at the site of the "First Channel" www.1tv.ru.

Recording of all on-air programs is implemented in 24/7 mode, simultaneously with coding, forming proxy and including "orbits" of time zones into files. Recorded materials come into the system of collective editing by proxy-copies, that functions at the basis of the client software News Cut  of SL NEO  platform, with using a single database for all users. 

Edited materials in Full Res format are efficiently loaded into the media-archive of the portal and become available at the site. Collective mounting is necessary, particularly, for operational "cutting" of newscasts into separate blocks that are placed at the site. The block is a cue with an anchorperson and the video; such blocks form a constantly updated internet-version of a newscast, that is presented at the first page of the site www.1tv.ru.

Automatic export of the file content is implemented by the instrument Transfer Manager of SL NEO platform: it allows to form up to 8 streams of simultaneous copying for every server, with adjustable speed. 

The program module for decoding teletext from the VANC intervals of the input signals HD-SDI was developed especially for this project. 

We can't but mention, that the subsystem of coding, multichannel recording and mounting, provided by SkyLark Technology, is only a part of a large technical complex that forms the functional of the site of the "First Channel" www.1tv.ru.

The project is being realized jointly by the companies "OKNO-TV" SkyLark Technology and the Internet department of the Directorate of creative planning and internet-broadcasting of the First channel.