Advantages to choosing SkyLark Technology solutions

Business Case for Skylark Products

Channel-In-A-Box for Broadcast and Production

  • Next-generation broadcast automation
  • Has a smaller physical footprint
  • Cost less in utilities to cool
  • Cost less in maintenance

Human Resources

  • Skylark products can operate as a “Light Out” operation to a Fully-Controlled Operation 
  • Advance automation requiring less staff
  • Add more channels or functionality without adding staff

Extend the life expectancy of broadcast or production equipment

  • Skylark bridges legacy technology with advance Channel-In-A-Box technology.  
  • The “Hybrid” in Skylark’s “Hybrid” Channel-In-A-Box solution means having the ability to control legacy broadcast and production equipment.

Higher Ratings

  • A better more professional on-air look gives your channel an advantage
  • Web & Mobile Streaming and VoD capabilities


  • Standard one-year hardware and software warranty complete with technical support
  • Cost-effective extended warranty and technical support options

Disaster Recovery Systems that are reliable and cost-effective


  • Dependable business with 10 years of operations and reoccurring revenue streams
  • Over 500 installations worldwide

Operational Case for Skylark Products

  • Automation gives your on-air look a more professional look
  • Less data entry errors
  • Less chance for human error
  • Microsoft Windows™ based applications for easy user operation
  • Efficiency through automated workflows with less repetitive tasks
  • Automated media content transcoding, error checking, and distribution
  • Advance metadata database application
  • 24/7 - 365 Technical Support with email, phone, web connection, and on-site visit options
  • Quarterly development delivery of requested enhancements and additions
  • The most popular file wrappers, containers, encoders, and transcoders
  • Web & Mobile Streaming and VoD capabilities
  • Complete graphics system for design, creation, and playout

Engineering Case for Skylark Products

  • Standard IT based maintenance
  • Open-Standard integration with 3rd party broadcast equipment devices and broadcast systems
  • Popular Off-The-Shelf software & hardware
  • Server-Class hardware
  • Best-of-Breed CPU processors and PC Components
  • Microsoft Windows™ based Operating System
  • Most Popular Database Operating Systems
  • Reliable with over 10 years of rock solid operations, enhancements, and improvements
  • Dependable business with 10 years of operations and reoccurring revenue streams
  • Cost-effective with quality and pricing to fit all broadcasters and producers
  • Several “Backup” options for media content, Schedules, ASRUNs, and metadata
  • Zero loss of service fail-over options for both automation and built-in video server
  • Client / Server System Architect
  • Automated On-The-Fly Up/Down/Cross Converting
  • Automated media content transcoding, error checking, and distribution