SL NEO 8000: Multi-Screen Display Processors

SL NEO 8000: Multi-Screen Display Processors

SL NEO 8000: Multi-Screen Display Processors

SL NEO 8000: Multi-Screen Display Processors

Media Processors SL NEO 8000

Scalable HD/SD SDI Multiviewer Solution with DVB-ASI/IP TS Decode Capability


SkyLark Technology introduces the SL NEO 8000 Hybrid MultiViewer, designed for baseband or hybrid applications with monitoring of both traditional baseband SD-HD SDI video signals and DVB-ASI/IP Transport Streams. Demultiplexers, TS decoders, and a Multiviewer Processor are combined into a single device.

Going beyond the capabilities of conventional multiviewers, the SL NEO 8000 offers unrivalled functionality such as baseband and broadband monitoring, integrated test and measurement, remote control via VNC/WEB/SL NEO Client Software. The embedded Web-Based Interface provide access to the system administrative functions associated with configuring and customizing the system.

Available in 1...3 RU chassis sizes, SL NEO 8000 Hybrid Multiviewer is a scalable solution for monitoring from 8 to 24 SD-HD SDI video and DVB-ASI/IP Transport Streams sources.

HDMI/SXGA/UXGA/UWXGA output signals are generated for the setup of displays. Up to 24 display channels are supported with all service indication, audio signal control, and service time systems.

The software package contains web-editor, which permits settings for each window’s position and size, channel logo/name, background, and a VU or PPM audio level display. The product is compatible with 16:9 and 4:3 formats, and signal loss indications and reactions to black fields or frozen frames are implemented, as is Tally and warning signal generation. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Decoding SD/HD SDI, MPEG-2/H.264 IP UDP/RTP or ASI MPTS/SPTS;
  • Built-in TS Demultiplexer;
  • SDI Embedded Audio, AAC and Dolby Digital / AC-3 decoding;
  • 1 HDMI and 1 HD/SD-SDI multi-viewer outputs;
  • Integral signal probing and on-screen alarms;
  • Display of Metadata from SL NEO Playout Servers;
  • Text labels (UMDs) can be displayed inside or outside windows;
  • Easy layout preparation with web-based editor;
  • Any of the video inputs can be displayed, any number of times, at different sizes up to full screen, on the multi-viewer outputs;
  • Recording option for all sources and multi-screen composition;
  • Encoding and IP UDP/RTP Streaming option for sources and multi-screen composition.

Software modules connection diagram

Technical Specifications

  • System Configuration (depends on model): Mainframe - Intel Xeon CPU, PCIe platform, SSD or Dual mirrored SATA boot drives, 1...4 100/1000Base-T Ethernet ports, Windows family operating system;
  • Input Channels: 8...16 for HD/SD;
  • Output Channels: 2 (1 HDMI and 1 HD/SD-SDI multi-viewer outputs);
  • Video Formats (depends on model): SD:   625i, or 525i, HD: 1080i, 25 or 29.97 f/s, 720p, 50 or 59.94 f/s;
  • Inputs (depends on model):
    • SD: SDI/AES/SDI Embedded Audio, MPTS/SPTS over ASI/IP, Unicast/Multicast via RTP/RTSP, HDMI;
    • HD: HD SDI /AES/SDI Embedded Audio MPTS/SPTS over ASI/IP, Unicast/Multicast via RTP/RTSP, HDMI;
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3;
  • Audio: 4 AES/EBU pairs per video I/O channel, 8 pairs embedded per video I/O channel 16-, 20- or 24-bit PCM, 48 kHz;
  • Timecode/NTP Support: NTP client over Ethernet, LTC in (option);
  • GPI I/O: Inputs 4…16 (option), Outputs 4…16 (option);
  • Control: TCP/IP over Ethernet, RS-232/422, IEE1394, GPI (option);
  • Dimensions (depends on model): 1…3RU, Weight (5…20 kg);
  • Power: Power Supply Dual hot-swappable;
  • Voltage: AC 115 to 120 V, 200 to 240 V, auto select. 

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