100-channel system for recording and monitoring of the TV and radio programs

In September 2013, a 100-channel system for recording and monitoring of the TV and radio broadcasting programs has been commissioned in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The SkyLark Technology solution has been chosen as the most optimal solution for recording and monitoring of the on-air programs of DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 formats and analog broadcasting programs for TV and radio broadcasting. 

The system is intended for receiving, round-the-clock recording in  the "broadcasting" quality, storing, operative search, viewing, analysis of the content of the on-air programs, with functions of the operative multiuser access to the content.

The access to the recorded material is possible in 5 seconds after the start of recording, besides, the system allows using of the mode for on-line viewing of all received channels  at the client stations (there are about 100 of them in the system).

Sending signals for recording to the multichannel SkyLark SL NEO servers is implemented by means of the IP transport, as the most optimal solution for sending dozens of TV streams through one physical Ethernet cable to every server: the IP transport doesn't need installation of any additional I/O boards, so the solution is more fail-safe, compact and economical. The EMR [Enhanced Multimedia Router] platform provided by SUMAVISION, is used as the subsystem for the on-air receiving. EMR implements functions of receiving, decoding, remultiplexing of digital radiofrequency DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 signals to the transport streams UDP/RTP IP.

Eight 12-channel SL NEO 6000 series servers that are the basis for this solution, have been specially developed for the local or remote monitoring and round-the-clock recording of the TV and radio broadcasting (logging). The servers provide the functions of search, viewing, mounting and export of fragments to the team of operators.

The complex for recording of the on-air programs on the basis of 6000 series servers allows user to implement the non-stop recording of 100 TV and radio broadcasting channels, with the possibility of extending of the number of channels in future. Recording is implemented in the mode " H.264/Mpeg-1 Layer 3" in the round-the-clock mode; control of recorders is possible by a few algorithms (templates): for example, "Mon-Fri 6.00 a.m. - 11.00 p.m." or by more detailed,hour-by-hour/minute-by-minute schedules. You can set individual recording parameters for every channel (codecs, speed of streams, algorithms of compression).

The total useful capacity of the disk storage is about 0.5 Petabytes, it's enough for storing materials for more than 100 TV SD channels in H.264 format in the broadcasting quality with the stream about 3 Mbit/s during 90-100 days. The system works in the mode of cyclical recording and automatically deletes materials with the expired "lifetime", it allows user to use the disk space effectively.