Multichannel Playout Center "RED Media", Moscow, Ostankino: 30 HD/SD channels

The broadcasting complex of the "RED Media" company is placed in the "Ostankino" TV Center and consists of two broadcasting equipment rooms that provide round-the-clock forming of 30 pay TV channels of SD/HD formats, that are broadcasted by the platforms NTV+, Tricolor and cable operators of Russia and CIS. The complex is realized on the basis of DIVS-B servers and signal path equipment by Network Electronics, Evertz. The complex successfully functions since the beginning of 2007, but by the end of 2010 the necessity of its modernization has appeared.

On the one hand, modernization provides increasing of the number of broadcasting channels, on the other hand, it provides extending of the functionality of available broadcasting servers (automation of commercial inserts, automatic forming of the graphic design of programs without participation of operators, integration with the NLE Final CUT complex).

SkyLark Technology solution has been chosen for implementing of this task: the solution completely satisfies all demands of the client company and allows the planned and step-by-step replacement of software at all broadcasting servers and installation of new servers for increasing of the number of broadcasting channels. The main demand of the client is: all work should be realized by means of a working system, without stopping of the broadcasting.

In December 2010, the broadcasting complex RED Media has got new SL NEO media-servers by SkyLark Technology: the music channel Europa Plus TV has started its broadcasting on December 3rd. The functionality of SL NEO 3000 series servers has allowed implementing of automatic graphic design for the current music channel with using functions of autogeneration and automatic parameterization of the secondary graphic events: it has eased the work of broadcasting operators.

Replacement of the software at the available broadcasting servers has started from 2 Universal Networks channels that broadcast at the territory of Russia (it's the region for Universal in this project). Thanks to using SL NEO software, the commercial insert is implemented automatically, servers with installed SL NEO software decode the appropriate marks (as a part of VBI in the signal of Universal Networks central station that is placed in London), commercial inserts and promos are implemented automatically and with frame-by-frame accuracy.

Markers that broadcast GPI IN/OUT signals and mark the beginning and the end of every regional window, are placed in free lines of the VBI teletext: it provides their free movement by the transport stream from the main station to the regional ones. The satellite TS receiver-decoder at the receiving side restores the teletext signals and places them into the appropriate fields of the output SDI signal. Decoding of marks in SDI is implemented by means of SL NEO software with using the Softel protocol, and then the appropriate commands for start/stop of playout of the commercial playlist are broadcasted by the program module of SL NEO platform.

If needed, SL NEO server is able to create these markers itself, as a part of VBI of its output signal: it provides sending of GPI IN/OUT commands for the regional stations. The project for modernization of this technologically complicated object is continued. In August 2011, four SL NEO media-servers were added to the RED Media broadcasting complex: 2 six-channel SL NEO 3124 broadcasting servers (2 capture channels + 4 broadcasting channels), 8-channel logger SL NEO 6180 and the SL NEO 1140 server for recording from external lines (4 capture channels). The servers are integrated into the existing infrastructure of the broadcasting complex of the company, the set of signal path equipment is also refreshed: new "Snell" switches and SDI processing modules by Ross have been installed. 

The project is implemented jointly by the company "System solutions for television" (the representative of SkyLark Technology Inc. in Russia) and the company "Okno-TV", the biggest integrator of the TV broadcasting area in Russia.