Client Software Applications for Content Management, Playout & Ingest Channels Control, Graphics Creations
Client Software Applications for Playout Channels Control
Client Software Applications for Content Management & Ingest Channels Control
Graphics Client Software for Dynamic Compositions Creation

The SL NEO media platform’ software is divided into Client & Server

SL NEO server software facilitates the functioning of the server platform: management of data archives, recording and playback operations, file coding and decoding, online calculation with graphics tie-in, and device management. 

Client software facilitates the transfer of server requests and the receipt of its replies, due to which users’ commands may successfully implement the management of content, one or several broadcast channels, and recording channels.

SL NEO Client Software Suite - a Family of Applications Designed to Support the Workflow.

In the illustration, an interface is presented for the Air Manager client application, which consists of one or several SL NEO servers, and implements several functions: managing of server resources, display of all current statuses, providing the opportunity for the operator to fully manage the course of rec/playlist implementation, and permits him/her to manage media data in the work area.


The Server-Client Technology

The server-client technology used at SL NEO fundamentally differs from Remote Desktop technology, and unlike that technology, it is capable of facilitating cooperative operations of a user group after dividing the corresponding rights and roles between them: ingest (materials recording and capture), content management, caption and graphics creation, real-time editing, search, viewing, layout, pre-broadcast material preparation, and broadcast management.

              Server-side                                         Client-side


SL NEO server software is fully installed beforehand on the server’s hard (system) disk, including the main system and the device drivers, and is also provided on CD/DVD-ROM or on a flash drive for reinstallation and restoration if necessary. The server also contains a set of client software that permits the management of all functions from the console of the server itself in the absence of client management PCs.

License key

A program registration key is needed in order to work with the server program modules. This key is connected to the hardware and software modules and reflects the functionality of a given model of server; it is generated by its manufacturers during assembly and delivered along with the server.

Software list

  • The concept of the SL NEO media platform’s construction presupposes combined operations on the server platform by basic program components that facilitate the required server functionality.

  • Ingest Client manages the recording channels for one or more SL NEO servers according to schedules (rec lists). Broadcast Client allows complete organization of broadcast management of an on-air channel.

  • Graphics Client is a specialized multi-functional graphics editor which permits the creation and editing of captions and graphic compositions.

  • Media Client is a module for digital assets management in the current SL NEO server archives. Media Client displays the content of the archives of each server with which there is a network connection.

  • When producing real-time materials and spots for television news broadcasts, the SL NEO servers’ options allow non-linear editing to be done at network work stations with the use of low-resolution proxy copies without the need to copy media files to the editing stations.

  • Multi-screen management for signals arriving from the inputs of all SL NEO servers in the general network, and for signals generating channels for SL NEO server broadcasts.

  • Routing Client - is a client application designated for remote manual management of matrix commutators for visual and audio signals of any dimension, as well as for management interface switching.

  • Transfer Manager is a program complex that facilitates operations for the automatic transcoding and transfer of media and metadata files between production and broadcast complex units (SL NEO file and media servers, NLE stations, work stations).

  • MPEG Transport stream multiplexer with build-in Time-Shift option for TS.

  • SkyLark Technology offers developers SDK for use in the “movement” of the SL NEO media platform in the capacity of a basis for the programming of proprietary narrow-specialty media and graphic applications in their business logic and in GUI.