Client Software Applications for Content Management, Playout & Ingest Channels Control, Graphics Creations
Client Software Applications for Playout Channels Control
Client Software Applications for Content Management & Ingest Channels Control
Graphics Client Software for Dynamic Compositions Creation

Developers DSK Access to the SL NEO Platform

SkyLark Technology offers developers SDK for use in the “movement” of the SL NEO media platform in the capacity of a basis for the programming of proprietary narrow-specialty media and graphic applications in their business logic and in GUI. Programming in C/C++ and Visual Basic is possible. SL NEO software provides developers with a flexible, easy-to-use programming environment for media and graphics, in which the process of rendering objects and text, video scaling, and interaction with specialized input/output plates are implemented in the form of high-level commands. 

For developers of informational systems for television shows and game shows

The SL NEO media platform is capable of becoming a high-yield nucleus of a system for the formatting of TV shows, games, and sports broadcasts. The use of SDK SL NEO significantly reduces financial and time expenditures on project implementation. 

For service operators for the display of results of SMS chats and voting

SkyLark offers communications operator companies which provide television companies with visualizations of SMS chats and voting a powerful graphic nucleus in the SL NEO media platform based on OEM for programming proprietary graphic applications. 

For automatic broadcast system developers

Many software developers specialize in the production of individual solutions for broadcasters, including user interfaces, billing systems and media planning, business process management, and so on. For them, SkyLark proposes SL NEO SDK media platforms (including modules for capture, recording, broadcasting, and content and device management) in the capacity of a foundation for their own broadcast systems with the use of server-client architecture and the XMLRPC protocol.