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Transfer Manager


Transfer Manager is a program complex that facilitates operations for the automatic transcoding and transfer of media and metadata files between production and broadcast complex units (SL NEO file and media servers, NLE stations, work stations). 

Transfer Manager is designated for automatic content management. Its main task is to transfer and collect content in server archives for subsequent broadcast. Transfer Manager can automatically collect content from several remote file sources and can operate in dependence on playlists or autonomously. 

Transfer Manager functions independently from the SL NEO servers and client and server software; depending on the task, it may be launched on any platform in the general network (servers, client PCs, NLE, etc.) 

The following content migration functions have been implemented:

Synchronization of file content

Automatic, constant online unidirectional synchronization of media and metadata in files in the arrays of several servers (files or SL NEO media servers). Synchronization of both disks and individual folders is supported. A special case of function use is the synchronization of the content of a pair of broadcasting servers: the main server and the reserve. The ability to set synchronization rules has been implemented. 

Automation of import/export operations

Automation of import/export operations, transfer of media and metadata in files between file servers, archives, production systems, and SL NEO server archives, with the option to set transfer rules, proxy generation rules, and media data modification parameters, including: 
  • Transcoding files when they are copied/transferred: change of encoder/decoder, file container, HD/SD UP/DOWN/CROSS conversion with adaptation to motion, changing frame speed, changing aspect ratio, normalization and changing the sound level
  • Automated import of file media materials and text metadata on SL NEO server arrays from the production systems with analysis of playlists being implemented (first and foremost, the material in line for broadcast is copied).

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