Configuring Generation of Reports about the Executed On-air Events

Note: the function of choosing the type of report is available in versions, starting from 1.8.0

Reports about the executed broadcast events are used for export into the IT-systems for media planning and control of the business processes of the enterprise. This type of reports is generated by the service for the playlist execution - Program Channel. The service can form reports of four different formats.


The reports are formed in the selected folder, then they are sorted by the subfolders with the identifier of the year and month. A separate txt-file with the report is formed for every calendar day; in case of forced reload of the server, a number is added to the file name.


Adjusting the parameters for reports generation


The procedure of configuring is implemented from the control web-console of the SL NEO server. You should login to the console as an administrator. Choose the menu item Manage, find the tab Program Outputs. Select the tab Automation in the chosen channel Program Channel, then find the item Parameters. 


In the field Report folder set the folder that will store files with reports, choose the report format in the field Report format:


Internal - the internal format of SL NEO platform;

OSi As Run - the OSi format;

Louth As Run - the format of Louth/Harris ADC automation systems;

EuroSport As Run - the internal format of the TV-channel Eurosport.




In the field Report Cue Time set the time, starting from which a new file will have being created.

The item Report first graph layer allows adding to the log-file the information about the executed events in the first graphic layer (it's actual for the Internal format of the log-file).


Configuring is finished: to save the parameters, press Apply Changes at the top part of the control console. Herewith, the playout channel with changed configurations will be reloaded, playback of the current channel will be stopped while reloading.


System reports about the work of SL NEO platform's server modules

logs1.jpgEvery server module of SL NEO platform forms technical (system) reports that contain detailed information about the module work.


Log-files of this type are used, first of all, for the analysis by the software developers, the appropriate files are placed in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\SL NEO Media Platform\run\logs and then are sorted by the subfolders (years, months and days).


A new folder is created at the beginning of each day, it contains txt-files with the reports of all server software modules that are functioning at the server. Deleting the files with reports is implemented automatically. You should use the Notepad ++ application for viewing the reports.