Import of Playlists from Excel

In this guide we will consider import of simple playlists in the Excel format. Playlists must be saved in the format Excel 2003 and have the .xls extension.


LetТs take the following playlist as an example (Playlist1.xls):



Let's agree that the playlist doesnТt contain secondary events.


Choose the menu item File->Open Broadcast List in Air Manager, choose our Excel playlist and press УOpenФ. Notice that the Excel file shouldnТt be opened in other applications.


In the opened window we should create rules for import of the Excel playlist. Rules are created once and are further used for import of similar playlists. During the import of a simple playlist the sense of rules is in adjusting the columns in the Excel file with the columns of the Skylark playlist.


Press the button Add in the right part of the window to add a new rule to the rule tree. Open the appeared element Action by pressing the button У+Ф.

1 - action.PNG


Choose the item Main Item from the drop-down list opposite the word УTypeФ.


Choose the item Values and press the button Add to add a new value. Open the appeared element Value by pressing the button У+Ф. From the drop-down list opposite to the element Value choose the column of the Skylark playlist, for adjusting with the column of the Excel playlist. Choose Media

1a - values.PNG


Choose the item Variants in the tree and press the button Add to add a variant for the value. 

2 - variants.PNG 


Open the element Variants by pressing У+Ф and see the appeared element Variant one level lower in the tree. Open it.

Opposite the element Source choose the item Excel from the drop-down list, then choose У1Ф near the appeared element Column.

3 - variant1.PNG


With these actions we've correlated the first column of the Excel file with the column Media of the Skylark playlist.


LetТs correlate the second column of the Excel file with the column Duration of the Skylark playlist in the same way.


To implement this, choose the tree element Values again and press the button Add. The new element Value will be added:

4 - new value.PNG


Opposite the appeared element Value choose the item Duration from the drop-down list. Open the element Value by pressing the У+Ф sign and add a new variant of the value: source - Excel, column У2Ф.

5 - new variant.PNG


You should notice that cells of the Excel playlist that contain duration of video clips, may have the format УTIMEФ and be set as HH:MM:SS (i.e. without frame-by-frame accuracy), or may have the format УTEXTФ and be set as HH:MM:SS:FF (with frame-by-frame accuracy). Air Manager can import both types.


LetТs use the same way to correlate the rest of columns in the Excel playlist with the columns of the Skylark playlist ЂIn Pointї, ЂOut Pointї, ЂKeyer 1ї and ЂCommentї respectively. 

6 - rules.PNG


Save the created rules by the button УSave ruleФ. 


Press the button УLoadФ and check how the Excel playlist was imported:

7 - sl-playlist.PNG


You can download the demo Excel playlist and the rules for its import.