Automatic Change of Logos with Control from a Playlist Column

Note: as of version 1.8.99 the current function works correctly

SL NEO servers have the function of automatic change of logo with tie-in to events in the executable playlist, with no restrictions to the number of files/clips with logo: actually, you may set an original logo for every event in the playlist. You should previously upload all necessary graphic files to the server or import them to the server database. You can find the detailed instruction about uploading files with logo to the server in the article by this link.

Configuring Server Software

Let's configure a rule according to which, when defining the name of a file with logo in a random playlist line, the logo will be changed to the one that has been set at the moment of the line start. You can use any playlist column for controlling the change of logo, if the text data can be entered into this column: Comment, Group Name, Type etc. For our example we choose the column GPI 1 Value (GPI 1 V in the playlist). 


Configuring is implemented from the control web console of the SL NEO server (menu section Manage, item Program Outputs). Find the item Actions in the chosen Program Channel, then find the field Playlist events and choose Add Action. Enter the parameters of a new rule (Action) for changing the logo into the opened window.




Find the field Name in the window Action Configuration and set a random name for the rule, in the field Layer choose "1" (the main full screen layer of the program channel), set the delay of switching between logos in milliseconds in the field Delay (leave the field empty, if needed). 

In the field Address set the IP address of the server, or leave the field empty, if the value is localhost. Choose the service name by the button ... in the field Service. In our example it's Program Channel #1 (Program_1 in the list). 


In the window Action condition find the field Variable and define the playlist column that will be responsible for the logo change. For our example choose GPI 1 Value from the list, set the trigger as NOT EQUAL, leave the field Value empty. Activate the parameter Trigger at start when primary matches. The implemented settings in the window Action condition mean that the rule triggers in case, when the playlist column GPI 1 Value isn't empty. The rule starts synchronously to the start of playback of main events in the playlist.


In the field Param 1 of the window Action parameters you should set a single type of source for all of the logos that are switched within this rule:


FILE - full screen files containing static or animated graphics with logo, placed in the server folder C:\Program Files\SL NEO Media Platform\run\files (the current technology is used in most cases).

URL - files with logo placed by the defined network path at the local or network disk. Besides, using the type of source URL, you can specify the names of clips with logo, that are placed at the SL NEO database (the appropriate database should be specified in the Program Channel module settings: control web console - section Manage, item Program Channel, item Storage).

NONE - the file with logo for the given program channel is not defined.

LIVE - receiving video with an alpha-channel or without any external/internal source of signal.


In the field Param 2 press ... and choose the playlist column, from which the server will read off the file name or the name of a clip with logo. Choose GPI 1 Value from the list.


To save the adjustments, click Apply Changes at the top part of the control console window. Herewith, the playout channel with the changed configuration will be reloaded, playback of the current channel will be stopped while reloading.

You should implement the same adjustments for the rest of server playout channels that need control of the logo change from a corresponding playlist. The rule that controls the logo change may function simultaneously with the rules of turning on/off the logo (see the article by this link).




Now controlling the logo change will be implemented from the playlist column GPI 1 V, the change will be implemented at the border of on-air events. In case of using files with logo, placed in the file folder, you should enter the full name of a file with the extension into the column GPI 1 V (for example, logo1.png). If you leave the field GPI 1 V empty, the rule responsible for the logo change in the given on-air event won't trigger and the logo from the previous event will continue being displayed.


Examples with variants of adjusting the rules

Example 1. The logo "logo1.png" is displayed on the playlist events from the group GR1, the logo "logo2.png" is displayed on the rest of events (you should create two rules)



Example 2. The logo "logo1.png" is displayed on the playlist events with the attribute "Type = promo", the logo "logo2.png" is displayed on the events with the attribute "Type = adv", the logo "logo3.png" is displayed on the rest of events (you should create three rules).






Important !!!

When using non-compressed 32-bit files (avi, mov) as dynamic logos with the number of playout channels = 2...4 and more, the server may not have enough RAM, as all files with logos are uploaded into RAM. This problem can be solved by preliminary compression of files with using the built-in 32-bit codec of the SL NEO platform.

This operation can be implemented by the import of Air Manager files and specifying a file folder as the source and the receiver. The imported file will have the bitrate sufficient for displaying the logo in high quality and will have about eight times less size (it will exclude problems with RAM).