Installation of a GPI-board and Configuring Software for the Control of External Devices

This function is optional and is not active in the standard set of the server functions. To activate the function, you need additional equipment and licensing. 

SL NEO servers work with GPI boards made by ADLINK (PCI/LPCI-7250 series, contains eight inputs and eight relay outputs). The procedure of setting and configuring the GPI option is implemented in the following way:


Step 1. Install the GPI board into a free slot of the server's system block (PCI or PCIe, depending on a model of the ADLINK board). Install drivers and PCIS-DASK software (is supplied with the board).


Step 2. Choose the item Configure Server Hardware at the icon SL NEO Mediaserver in tray (server software should be preliminary stopped by the command Stop Server). Find the field Available components in the setting window and add the element PCI-7250 into the right field. 


Step 3. Launch server software (right click on the icon SL NEO Media server in tray).


Further settings will be implemented from the control panel - Administrator Control Panel. Login to the console is implemented locally from the server, or from any machine in the network by the address http://ip address:7901. You should login to the control console as an administrator. After the entry to the control console: choose Manage in the left menu, then choose the tab GPI Boards and click Service Enable in the window GPI Board 1

gpi1.jpgYou can check the board workability in the item Status from the left menu of the server control console. Click Action in the window GPI Board_1, choose Action - Set Pin in the opened window. In the field Param 1 choose the number of the board output (one), click "ON" in the field Param 2. By pressing OK the relay #1 will be turned on.


Now, after checking the workability, you should create a rule (Action), if you want to configure some certain action.


An example: configuring the rules for control by GPI of an external hardware logogenerator from the playlist column.

The procedure is implemented from the control web console: menu item Manage, tab Program Outputs. Find the tab Actions in the chosen playout channel, click the item Playlist Events. Choose Add Action. Enter the parameters for a new rule in the opened window (the rule for controlling an external logogenerator from the playlist column). 


In the window Action Configuration, enter a random name for the rule into the field Name, choose “1” (the main full screen layer) in the field Layer. Specify the server IP address in the field Address, or leave the field empty if the value is localhost. In the field Service press the button  and choose from the list the name of the service for managing. In our example it's the service for managing the GPI board (GPI Board_1 in the list). 


In the field Action condition of the window Variable specify the playlist column that will be responsible for turning on the logo, for example - GPI 1. Set the trigger as EQUAL, enter "on" into the field Value



Then use the same scheme for turning off the logo. 



Now the tab Actions contains two new rules. 




To save the configuration, click Apply Changes at the top part of the control console window. Herewith, the playout channel with the changed configuration will be reloaded; playback of the current channel will be stopped while reloading.


Now control of turning on/off an external hardware logo-inserter will be implemented from the GPI column of a playlist.