The Order of Activation of Server and Client Software

The SL NEO server platform software is protected from copying and changes to the server configuration: for example, if two record/playout channels are ordered, you will not be able to add a third one without purchasing additional licensing.SL NEO servers are supplied with pre-installed and activated software in completely configured and ready-to-operate condition; nevertheless, in many cases (for example, after replacing the system hard drive and reinstalling OS), repeat activation of the server software may be needed.

Machine Code and Config Code

After the setup of the SL NEO server software, two codes are automatically generated: the Machine Code and the Config Code (configuration code). The Machine Code is tied to the server’s hardware components, the number of record/playout channels and their formats (SD/HD). You should remember that any replacement or reinstallation of the server hardware modules, system disk or operating system will change the Machine Code and the current license will become invalid.

The Config Code is also tied to the settings of the server modules (record and playout services, database services, device management services etc.)

Restrictions of the Invalid License

Invalid licensing automatically activates the demo-mode: the inscription SL NEO Media Platform appears at the top part of the picture during playout or in the recorded file, Transfer Manager software demo-version transfers only first 8 minutes of every file. The inscription Demo Mode periodically appears in the Air Manager and News Cut applications (duration of the imported files is also limited to 8 minutes).




If for some reasons your license became invalid, contact the technical support!

Step 1. Sending codes and receiving the file with the license key.

You should copy the initial information about the current configuration of your server from the menu License of the control web console Administrator Control Panel, and send it to our e-mail Login to the console is implemented locally from the server, or from any computer in the network by the address http://IP of the server:7901. You should send the number of the current software version, the Machine Code, the Config Code, the number and formats of channels in the following format:


Skylark NeoVid version 1.8.147 2014-04-05


Config CODE:      MJHR-EQUK

Config SD Channels:          4

Config HD Channels:          4

Config PGM Channels:       2

Config REC Channels:       2

Config PDS Channels:        0

Config LCC Channels:       0

Config SCTE104 Channels:                0


Licensed to:

Name:    31CHANNEL

Machine:               KOWC-KTDC


SD Channels:       4

HD Channels:       4

PGM Channels:    4

REC Channels:    2

PDS Channels:    

LCC Channels:   

SCTE104 Channels:           


Upgrade expires: 

Licensed modules:               server,transfer,airmgr,newscut


License is NOT VALID


If needed, specify the number of the contract/invoice that was used for the delivery. After all the necessary formalities are regulated, we will send you a file containing a license key. 

Step 2: Applying a new key (license file)

Copy the received file with the key license.lic to the server folder C:\Program Files\SL NEO Media Platform\run or C:\Program Files (x86)\SL NEO Media Platform\run. If copying is implemented while operating the server software, there is no need to restart the software. If the license is valid, after 5-10 seconds, the inscription “SL NEO Media Platform” on the output image or on the recorded file will automatically disappear. 


If the license was sent to you as a text, it should be entered in the special window that is opened by clicking on Enter License from the menu License in the Administrator Control Panel. License validity may always be verified from the menu License in the server control panel.


Make sure that the date and time on the server platform are set correctly! Time conversion for a few years forward/backward relative to the current date can make the current license invalid, it will be fixed after setting the correct values of the current date.

Activation of the Client Software

The keys for the client applications Air Manager and News Cut installed on the server itself, as a rule, are already contained in the server license file, so they don’t need activation.

The delivery set of one SL NEO server also contains the license for one network client work place with a full software set. In case of purchasing only server SL NEO software and for additional network work places you will need licensing the client software.

After installing the SL NEO client software at the network station, the Machine Code will be automatically generated. It will be tied to the hardware components of the network client station (PC). The Machine Code is displayed in the menu Help/License of the applications Air Manager and News Cut. To get the activation key for the client station software, you need to send us a Machine Code of the client station. After settling all the necessary formalities we will send you a file with a license key. 


Then you should copy the received file with the key license.lic to the folder of the client PC C:\Program Files\SL NEO Media Platform\run or C:\Program Files (x86)\SL NEO Media Platform\run and restart the client software.


You should remember that reinstallation of the system disk or operating system will change the Machine Code and the current license will become invalid. In case of such situations you should immediately contact us.