Solutions & Technology

  • SkyLark Technology offers integrated systems for content management and automated multichannel delivery based on SL NEO Media Platform.

    The SL NEO Platform bridge traditional & new Channel-In-A-Box technology by supporting the most popular 3rd party device brands such as Routers and VTR.

  • SkyLark Technology offers the sophisticated graphics capabilities and a range of branding workflows, designed to minimize the operating costs associated with the production of rich graphics.

    The integration of the graphics preparation tools with the playout automation simplifies the generation of schedule awareness graphics.

  • SL NEO servers allow user to automatically distribute unique commercials and playlists to multiple regions for local ad insertion. This unique solution solves a complex problem with regional management.

    The SDI/ASI/IP streams sent to the regions will contain commercial breaks and program segments. At the beginning of each commercial break, trigger (digital cue tone) tells SL NEO Server when to start its playlist. At the end of the break, Server switches back to the program stream.

  • Skylark Technology offers a complete solution for multi-channel TV broadcasting for several time-zones from a single broadcast center using 3/6/12G HD/SD SDI or ASI/IP Transport Stream Delay.

    A short delay is often used to prevent profanity, bloopers or other undesirable material from making it to air. SL NEO Platform provides a variety of features to seamlessly eliminate the possibility of costly content violations.

  • Ultra HD/HD/SD ingest solution is a client/server system designed to be scalable. As a system designed to interoperate with a number of different broadcast technologies, SL NEO Platform supports real-time multi-channel recording to a wide range of codecs and file containers and multi-stream file import from P2 and SxS cards.

    The system also incorporates an edit-while-capture module that has been implemented as a virtual filesystem. This allows editors to start working on a file being captured before the capture is finished.

  • Skylark Technology offers a tape-less technology designed for live/news production. The SL NEO Servers provide multi-channel ingest & playout, the client-side software for collective editing allows composing stories by proxy copies residing at the server with no copying of media-content to NLE workstations and back.

    One Server may contain up to 8 inputs for switching signals from cameras, and the integrated real-time chroma keyer completes a very cost-effective set of tools for creating eye-catching virtual studio productions.

  • SL NEO Server line offers multi-functioning DVB MPEG2/H.264 Encoders/Decoders that operate in Ultra HD/HD/SD modes and provide high-quality encoding/decoding operations. Processors support ASI and IP UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTMP TS outputs.

    SkyLark Technology introduces the SL NEO Hybrid MultiViewer, designed for baseband or hybrid applications with monitoring of both DVB-ASI/IP TS and Ultra HD/HD/SD video. Demultiplexers, TS decoders, and a MultiViewer Processor are combined into a single device.

  • During the recording or playout process, the SL NEO Servers carry out routing in accordance with the events in the play/rec-lists, control the external routers through RS-422/232/Ethernet interfaces using Harris/Leitch, Evertz, Network and other protocols. For ingest from tape, tape players are connected to the servers through RS-422/IEEE1394 ports.

    The SL NEO Servers allow user to output GPI signals to control all kinds of devices that support GPI inputs. Many popular brands of various devices are supported.

  • The Skylark SL NEO Series can automatically convert on-the-fly Closed Captioning metadata for either SD or HD play-out.

    The Skylark system has the capability to store and play-out Closed Captioned media content regardless of whether the media content and Closed Captioning metadata is imported via short or long-form recording or file transfer.

  • Every TV station faces the need to monitor correctness of its actual broadcasts of program and non-program content as well as graphics overlays. SkyLark Technology offers SL NEO 6000 series servers, which record broadcasts and are capable of providing live broadcasts or recorded material via LAN/WAN for viewing and analysis on network workstations.