Advantages of choosing a solution from SkyLark Technology


  • Wide range of applications: from small corporate, educational systems, theaters, stadiums, museums, to cloud playout centers and national broadcasting channels.
  • Full technological cycle is implemented in accordance with initial requirements.
  • We will offer the optimal set of equipment and software.
  • All necessary components for production and broadcasting workflows: Capture, Ingest, Playout, Channel Branding, MAM, Streaming, Video/Audio/File/Data Processing, Control, Monitoring.
  • The modular structure of the SL NEO software allows assembling functional software elements in different configurations from the simplest to the most complex professional ones.
  • Maximum automation of routine operations: «Secondary events» and text parameterization allows you to automate the branding of channels.
  • The built-in system of actions and automatic execution of internal procedures make it possible to customize the system’s logic and its reactions to external and internal events.
  • Automation of operations with files allows you to collect source materials for playout.
  • Scalability of the system without stopping it. Continuous development of the SL NEO product line, software, functionality extension, support for new protocols, formats and interfaces.


  • Support for all common file containers and codecs, integration with NLEs, tape libraries and traffic systems.
  • Support for TV formats from SD to Ultra HD, support for all common industry I/O interfaces and streaming protocols.
  • ANC data processing: receiving, decoding, retransmission and generating VITC, SCTE tags, teletext, and closed captioning.
  • Integration with industry leading brands, support for most common device control protocols.
  • Decoding and Encoding of SDI/ASI/IP streams with additional features: audio/video levels adjustment, audio tracks switching, Windows desktop capture, DirectShow device support.
  • On-line Up/Down/Cross Conversions with interlinear and interframe interpolation, HDR — SDR conversions during file or live sources playout of different formats in the same playlist. The same features, transcoding and loudness normalization are available for file content.

Technical Support and Training

  • Professional Support. Warranty and post-warranty technical support, maintenance services guarantee system operability during the whole period of its operation.
  • Training videos and operator training programs help staff quickly adapt to the user interface and functions of the client software.
  • Easy administration of server platforms: extensive technical knowledge base, training programs for administrators.


  • System reliability is ensured by multiple hardware and software redundancies at different levels.
  • Redundancy Schemes from N+1 to N+N: Hot Redundancy: parallel running of half sets, on-line synchronization of all Backup Playlists from Main Server.
  • Media DB mirroring, copying content from the Main Server to the Backup with tracking of changes in file versions.
  • Use server-client architecture, control via lan or wan.
  • The failure of the workstation will not affect the execution of the playback and recording schedules, there can be several control computers and they can duplicate each other.
  • Network security is higher due to the use of clip technology rather than file technology. Users does not work with «shared» folders and has no direct access to the file system.
  • Real work for at least 6 months in 24*7 mode without reboots. Using only server computing platforms, I/O Boards of reliable brands: Dektec, Matrox, Nvidia, Intel, Adaptec, Supermicro, HP, Dell.
  • Professional software development, design, installation of equipment and cabling, testing and thorough inspection of equipment before shipment. Hundreds of successful systems in many countries.

Economic Efficiency

  • Cost-cutting functionality: The Channel-In-A-Box solution can significantly reduce the playout system budget by redistributing functionality from multiple hardware infrastructure elements to software modules.
  • Many actual functions are already built into the system and do not require additional payment. Example: all supported codecs/containers for media files, I/O interface types, and streaming IP protocols are already included in the basic software configurations.
  • Multi-channel, reducing costs: one SL NEO server can have more than a dozen HD recording and playout channels, up to 8x HD stream encoding with support for all common network protocols.
  • Completely autonomous system functioning without operators' involvement: if necessary, the only thing needed is to upload the content itself and playlists files.
  • The price of the solution is comparable with the offers in the industry and is usually lower, while the indicators of functionality and fault tolerance are higher.
  • Flexible system of discounts and payment for equipment and software, including SaaS model, Partner programs for system integrators and dealers.