SL NEO Media Servers Line

Media Servers & Processors are Basic Elements of the technological infrastructure of a broadcasting company. They are responsible for workflow implementation and perform many parallel operations:

  • Ingest: Multi-channel Recording & File Uploading,
  • Processing and Storage of Content,
  • Provide Multiuser data Access to prepare materials for playout,
  • Generate Multibitrate Program Streams of linear Broadcasting Channels according to schedules.

SkyLark Technology Inc. presents the SL NEO line of Media Servers & Processors with superior functionality and technical characteristics that have successfully established themselves with flawless performance in many broadcasters around the world.

SL NEO Line Features

The Wide Functionality is Powered by SL NEO Media Platform Software

Multiformat Capture and Input Streams Processing
Inputs: SDI, HDMI, ASI, IP with ANC/MPEG2 Data
SMPTE ST 2110/2022−7, NMOS IS-04/IS-05 support

Multichannel Automated Recording
Rec Schedules Import, Preparation and Editing Tools
Wide range of File Codecs and Containers, Instant Acsess

File Ingest with Transcoding and Multithreading
File Validation Checking, Loudness Normalization, Instant Acsess

Asset Management integrated with Traffic Systems
Fast Collective Edit & Content Preparation Tools for Playout
Live Content Moderation with Delayed Playback
Play-lists Import, Preparation and Editing Tools

Fail Safe Playout: Mixed Formats, Live/File Sources

Multilayer Graphics Preparation in Network Graphics Editor
Stills, Video Files/Live, Alpha support, 2D DVEs, Dynamic Texts
Channel Branding with Secondary Events and Objects Parametrization

Data Processing: SCTE-104/35, DTMF, AFD/WSS I/O
Open & Closed Captions and Subtitles in Multiple Formats
Live or File Generation Mode, Retransmit from Input to Output

Integration by third-party Systems, Device Control

Processing, Encoding & Multibitrate Streaming for Delivery
Outputs: SDI, HDMI, ASI, IP with ANC/MPEG2 Data
SMPTE ST 2110/2022−7, NMOS IS-04/IS-05 support

Multiscreen Monitoring
SDI, HDMI, ASI, IP Inputs & Outputs
or Proxy Streaming to Workstations
Compliance Recording and Logging

Operations Control and Workflow Management
Using Multifunctional Client Applications and Web-Clients