SL NEO 9000. MediaStream Processors

Professional MPEG-2, H.264, H.265 Stream Encoders, Decoders and Transcoders. These 3 Base Functions can be combined in the same System Unit depending on the types of Input and Output Interfaces and Protocols. SL NEO 9000 Processors perform Media Data & Embedded Ancillary Data Processing operations.

Overview of the SL NEO 9000

Main Functions and Operations

Stream Capture

  • Stream Capture: demux, decoding of incoming Signals/Streams with embedded data (SCTE Markers, Closed Captions, Timecode, etc.) from SDI/HDMI Boards, ASI/IP Interfaces for Unncompressed audio-video realtime streams.
  • Uncompressed audio-video realtime streams with additional data are used for the Internal Exchange Data Format between SL NEO Software Modules.
  • Types of Capture Interfaces and Protocols: see list of supported I/O Interfaces and Protocols.
  • Up to 8x HD 1080i/p 50/60 or 2x UHD 2160p 50/60 Capture Ports.

Stream Encoding

  • Encoding: encoding of Unncompressed audio-video realtime streams with ANC data or send Uncompresseв data data to SDI/HDMI Ports (Interfaces) or to IP Ports. Multiplexing and sent compressed data to ASI/IP Ports (Interfaces).
  • Types of Output Interfaces and Protocols: see list of supported I/O Interfaces and Protocols.
  • Up to 8x HD 1080i/p 50/60 or 2x UHD 2160p 50/60 Output Ports.

Media Data & Embedded Ancillary Data Processing

  • Media Data (AV Streams): up/down/cross convertion (FPS, Color Spaces), Super White/Black Levels, Video Levels Ajust, Output Loudness Normalization (R-128), Audio Levels Ajust/Normalization, DRC, Audio tracks mapping.
  • ANC/MPEG2 Data Decoding, Re-Encoding or Retransmittion: VITC, AFD/WSS, Closed Captions, SCTE-104/SCTE-35/DTMF, DVB/ATSC Subtitles, EPG.

Encoding Using GPU and CPU

Using GPU and encoding to H.264 HD:

  • NVIDIA Quadro P2000: 1080p50*6 streams, 1080i50*12 streams,
  • NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000: 1080p50*8 streams.
The estimated number of cores at the average Xeon Gold 6226 processor, needed for encoding to H.264 HD upon using CPU:
Out Channel HD SkyLark Additional HD SDI / IP (SPTS/RTMP/NDI) output = 2 virtual cores (threads),
Out Channel UHD SkyLark Additional UHD SDI / IP (SPTS/RTMP/NDI) output = 12 virtual cores (threads).

Reliable Operation on a Local Network or in the Cloud

  • SkyLark SL NEO Products is optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver comprehensive cost-efficiently Solutions.

Best Performance & Functionality

  • SL NEO 9000 Performance is provided by two Intel Xeon Gold Server CPU, highly productive DDR4 RAM.
  • The Wide Functionality is Powered by the SL NEO Media Platform Software.

SL NEO 9000 Processor Software Licensing

  • Only the number of Capture Ports, Output Ports, and Formats (SD or SD/HD or SD/HD/UHD) are licensed.
  • Any changing of Capture Port Interface type (SDI/HDMI/IP/ASI) and selecting for Capture Port any IP protocol from the list of supported, will not require additional licenses.
  • Changing type of Output Port Interface (SDI/HDMI/IP/ASI) within the same category (uncompressed or compressed type), selecting any IP protocol from the list of supported for Output Port, will not require additional licenses.
  • Increasing the number of Capture Ports, Output Ports, format changes to a higher resolution will invalidate the current license.
  • To restore license validity, return the number of Ports and formats to their original values, or purchase an upgraded license that includes payment only for additional Ports and Format upgrades.

More Details

  • SL NEO 9000 Processors allow demultiplexing, stream decoding to Uncompress level and re-encoding to change codec or protocol, signal format or bitrate.
  • Each Input Stream can have multiple versions of the streams with different resolution, frame rate, IP protocols and bitrate parameters.
  • The built-in Software Multiplexer is designed to combine several Single-Program ASI or IP transport streams generated by an encoder into an output Multiprogram Transport Stream.
  • Supports two MPTS groups with 8 SPTS MPEG-2/H.264 in each group
  • Supports demultiplexing and inserting EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and DVB/ATSC Subtitles into Output SPTS Streams.
  • Works with ASI and IP interfaces.
  • Optional SDI/HDMI and/or IP/ASI MultiScreen HD Monitor Output is needed to view all input signals in multiview mode with an overlay of audio levels.
  • Built-in up/down/fps conversion allows signals with different resolution and frame rates to be displayed together on the same display.
  • Alarms will alert the operator to abnormal situations such as freeze frame or «black» field, when audio levels are exceeded or undershot.
  • The MultiScreen client application is a network receiver of the «prewiew» streams coming from the active software modules of the SL NEO Servers in common network.
  • All software modules of the SL NEO Servers transmit its I/O streams to the network in proxy mode.
  • MultiScreen application receives these streams and displays them on the PC monitor.
  • Any stream can be switched to online fullscreen viewing mode.
  • This technology is designed to monitor multiple streams at operator workstations.

Technical Specifications

Hardware configuration, including CPU models, number and types of I/O Boards depends on the selected SL NEO Processor Model and set of Options.
Server Hardware Supermicro 1...3U chassis, two power supply modules in hot backup.
Оne or two Intel Xeon Gold CPU, 48/96Gb DDR4 RAM,
SSD for OS, two onboard 1GbE ports.
OS Windows Server 2022 x64
Capture & Output Ports Capture Ports HD/SD: 1..8
Capture Ports UltraHD: 1...2

Output Ports HD/SD SDI/HDMI/IP Uncompressed: 1...8
Outpit Ports UltraHD SDI/HDMI/IP Uncompressed: 1...2

Output Ports HD/SD ASI/IP SPTS Compressed: 1...8
Outpit Ports UltraHD ASI/IP SPTS Compressed: 1...2
Video Formats and Color Spaces 625i/525i, 720p, 1080i/1080p, 2K cinema 2048x1080p, 2160p
25/29,97/50/59,94/60 fps
Color Spacing: BT.601/709/2020, SMPTE ST2084, ARIB STD-B67
I/O Streams: Interfaces, Protocols, Codecs SDI: SD/HD/3...12G SDI, 4x 3G SDI/Embedded Audio
IP: HLS/NDI/SRT/RTMP pull/push
DVB IP: UDP/RTP Unicast/Multicast SPTS/MPTS
Video Codecs: MPEG2/H.264
Audio: 48kHz/16/24 bit PCM, ADPCM, MPEG-1 L-II/III, AAC, AC3
Media Data Processing Media Data (AV Streams):
Up/down/cross convertion (FPS, Color Spaces),
Super White/Black Levels,
Video Levels Ajust,
Output Loudness Normalization (according to EBU R-128),
Audio Levels Ajust and Normalization, DRC, Audio tracks mapping.

ANC/MPEG2 Data Decoding, Re-Encoding or Retransmittion: VITC, AFD/WSS, Closed Captions, SCTE-104/SCTE-35/DTMF, DVB/ATSC Subtitles, EPG.
Embedded ANC/MPEG2 Data Processing ANC/MPEG2 Data Decoding, Re-Encoding or Retransmittion:
OP-42/47 Teletext and Closed Captions
CEA-608/708 Closed Captions
DVB/ATSC Subtitles & EPG Data in SPTS
SCTE-104/35 with metadata
Interfaces and I/O Boards Mellanox ConnectX Network Adapters
Dektec DTA-2172/2174B/2175/2178/2179/2195 SDI/ASI Boards
Dektec DTA-2160/2162 ASI/IP Boards with FEC
Matrox DSX LE3/LE4 Boards
DataPath Vision RGB Boards
Blackmagic DeckLink Boards
Standard Ethernet Interfaces
IEEE1394 Interfaces
DirectShow Devices
Hardware Options: additional Hardware I/O, Control Ports SD/HD/3/6/12G, 4x3G SDI, HDMI, ASI I/O Ports
NVIDIA ConnectX 10/25/40/50/100/200G Ports for SMPTE ST2110/2022-7
1G Ethernet Ports for UDP/RTP IP with SMPTE 2022-1 FEC
Standard 1/10G Ethernet Ports for IP Streams, Control
AES I/O for Matrox DSX Boards
GPIO (Including one of supported USB GPIO and Software License, up to 8 IO Ports: Ontrak ADU200, ADU2X8)
Software Options: additional I/O Ports & Channels (SD or HD/SD or UHD/HD/SD Licenses) Capture Port (SDI/HDMI, ASI/IP with DeMux and Stream Decoding, all supported Protocols)
MultiScreen Processor Output Channels (4, 8, 16 or 24 Inputs Software License)
Output Port (SDI/HDMI, ASI/IP with Stream Encoding, all supported Protocols)
REC Channel (Full Res + Proxy) with one Media Database Module for each Processor

Functional Diagrams

SL NEO 9000 Series. Software Modules Types and Interconnections

PDF Documents

SL NEO Servers and Processors. Models, Specifications & Features
SkyLark Technology Inc. About Company


I need to connect to SL NEO Server Settings by Web

The Administrator Control Panel is accessed via a browser at http://server_ip:7901

The settings made are not saved. «Could not save config» error appears

The software cannot save the settings due to permission restrictions. Allow the current user full access to the folder «C:\Program Files (x86)\SL NEO Media Platform» or run the program as Administrator (right-click on the Run as Administrator icon).