Multichannel Recording & Content Preparation System for the “Channel One Russia” Web-site
Playout and Ad Insertion System for Eurosport, the №1 Pan-European TV channel
Playout Center of the "REN-TV" Media-Holding: 5 programs of federal broadcasting
Multichannel Playout Center "RED Media", Moscow, Ostankino: 30 HD/SD channels

SkyLark Technology Projects 2009-2015

During 2009-2015 Skylark Technology Inc. not only deployed hundreds of SL NEO series media-servers and software bundles for self-assembly but more than 100 turn-key projects of different complexity and architecture.

Functional requirement for our projects range from playout centres and live news production to multichannel ingest and archiving solutions.


  • SkyLark Technology Inc. realized the project of a multichannel system for encoding and recording of on-air programs for the “Channel One Russia” in HD format.

    The system implements coding of 8 received HD-SDI signals and forms traffic IP-streams with several profiles for future on-line broadcasting at the site of the “Channel One Russia”

    Recording of all on-air programs is implemented in 24/7 mode, simultaneously with coding, forming proxy and including "orbits" of time zones into files. Recorded materials come into the system of collective editing by proxy-copies, that functions at the basis of the client software News Cut  of SL NEO platform, with using a single database for all users. 

  • The SkyLark Technology Inc. has become a supplier to Eurosport, the №1 Pan-European TV channel.

    On Nowember 22 the SkyLark Technology finalized a delivery of a complete set of client-server software for 7 HD broadcasting systems for automatic advertising insertion into the Eurosport programs broadcast in the various countries. 

    In 2014 it is planned to make an expansion to over 20 broadcasting systems. In the frame of the project SkyLark Technology will provide technical support during five years.

  • The playout Center is placed in the office of REN-TV holding (Moscow) and is intended for round-the-clock forming of 5 programs for a federal zonal broadcasting TV-channel.

    This unique, compact and high-tech solution is based on the SL NEO media-platform from the company SkyLark Technology. The complex contains: 6-channel playout-servers with external arrays and a built-in system for automation of broadcast, servers for graphic design, 4-channel servers for recording from VTR and external lines, 8 workplaces for control of the on-air playout, recording, file import, MAM, network infrastructure, equipment for route and monitoring of signals, system for media-planning. All elements of the system are closely integrated into one technological environment.

  • In September 2013, a 100-channel system for recording and monitoring of the TV and radio broadcasting programs has been commissioned in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

    The SkyLark Technology solution has been chosen as the most optimal solution for recording and monitoring of the on-air programs of DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2 formats and analog broadcasting programs for TV and radio broadcasting. 

    The system is intended for receiving, round-the-clock recording in  the "broadcasting" quality, storing, operative search, viewing, analysis of the content of the on-air programs, with functions of the operative multiuser access to the content.

  • The broadcasting complex of the "RED Media" company is placed in the "Ostankino" TV Center and consists of two broadcasting equipment rooms that provide round-the-clock forming of 30 pay TV channels of SD/HD formats.