Technical Support

What to do if there is a problem?

In the event of a malfunction, contact us for advice and support. Free e-mail consultations are available during business days and hours for all users of SkyLark Technology products. Worldwide e-mail:

1. Tell us the server configuration and software version.
2. Describe the situation in as much detail as possible:

  • on which physical port of the server the failure occurred,
  • provide the exact time when the incident started,
  • on which clip the trouble happened,
  • describe the character of the problem,
  • what actions the staff took,
  • for how long the failure occurred,
  • what actions helped to fix the trouble.

3. Be ready to promptly send us all the configuration, log files and the clips themselves for analysis.

4. When replying to an email from the support service, be sure to save the text of the previous message. We very much hope that you will follow these recommendations and help us to answer as quickly and efficiently as possible!

What needs to be done to ensure fail-safe broadcasting?

Warranty Commitments

  1. Warranty repair. It is carried out within the warranty period, which is 12 months. Warranty repair is carried out on condition that the SL NEO server model, its serial number and the name of the company operating the equipment are specified precisely. Taking into account the delivery time of components, the total period of repair can be up to 45 working days.
  2. Elimination of software errors. Right holder: SkyLark Technology Inc. is obliged to fix bugs caused by its fault within the warranty period.
    During the warranty period software updates are provided free of charge within the current software version as soon as updates are released. After the expiration of the warranty period and in the absence of a service contract for post-warranty support the Rightholder is no longer obligated to update the Software versions to the User.
  3. Support by phone and e-mail during business days and hours.

Technical Support during the Warranty

Extends the scope of the standard warranty and minimizes the recovery time of the equipment. This is facilitated by a set of spare parts in stock, formed for your set of equipment and arrival of a specialist to the territory of the customer to perform repair work.

Post-Warranty Technical Support

Assumes one of two service options: 1). Hardware and software support. 2). Software support only. What’s included in each category of service:


For maintenance we accept equipment that is in use and has not exhausted its resource (useful life for servers is 7−8 years). The time to restore the functionality of the equipment may vary, but as a rule it is from 24 to 48 hours from the moment of treatment. Options to provide a replacement equipment for the time of repair.

  • Support by phone and e-mail on working days and hours, urgent appeals — around the clock;
  • Urgent repair of equipment;
  • Urgent replacement of servers and arrays in case of emergency;
  • Scheduled visits of specialists to the Customer’s territory, assistance in preventive maintenance, departures on emergency calls;
  • Preventive inspection of equipment, evaluation of technical condition, recommendations to ensure uninterrupted broadcasting;
  • Supply of spares for the equipment;
  • Recommendations and actions to maintain the operability of the SkyLark SL NEO equipment in general.


  • Telephone and e-mail support during working days and hours, emergency calls — around the clock;
  • Prompt solution of issues in case of emergency situations in the software operation;
  • Regular SkyLark SL NEO software updates, bug fixes;
  • Prompt changes in the configuration of server and client platforms, generation of new files with license keys when replacing platforms;
  • Regular software updates for Matrox Electronics I/O platforms;
  • Recommendations and actions to keep the software part of the SkyLark SL NEO — based system working in general.

Exploitation Support

A new type of service, not related to technical support. It includes consultations on equipment and software features, help in settings, graphics adaptation, creation of complex compositions, writing various scripts for automation of operations, creation of simple applications for integration with third-party equipment.