SL NEO Media Platform API

SDK & API for Software Developers to use the SL NEO Media Platform "engine" as the basis for programming custom media and graphics applications with specialized business logic and GUI.

SL NEO Software provides developers a flexible and easy-to-use programming environment for media and graphics, where object rendering, text, video scaling and interaction with specialized I/O boards are implemented as high-level commands.

Software modules of the SL NEO platform exchange commands with each other, with client software and can communicate with external systems using XML-RPC and SL NEO Exchange Protocol.

SL NEO Exchange Protocol:
  • Between SL NEO Software Modules running on the same Server,
  • Between SL NEO Servers & Workstations (XML-RPC Clients),
  • Between SL NEO Servers, and External Systems (XML-RPC Clients) which use SL NEO Exchange Protocol.
For developers of information systems for Sports, Shows and TV Games
  • Медиа-платформа SL NEO способна стать высокопроизводительным ядром для систем оформления телевизионных шоу, игр и спортивных трансляций.
  • Использование API SL NEO позволит существенно сократить временные и финансовые затраты на реализацию проекта.
For SMS chats and voting results visualization services
  • SkyLark offers companies providing TV companies SMS chat and voting visualization services the powerful graphical core of the SL NEO media platform on an OEM basis for programming their custom Graphics Applications.
For Broadcasting System Developers
  • Many software developers specialize in producing custom solutions for broadcasters, including user interface, billing and media planning systems, business process management, etc.
  • For them, SkyLark offers the SL NEO media platform API (including capture, recording, playback, content and device management modules), as a basis for their own broadcast systems, using server-client architecture and SL NEO Exchange Protocol based on XML-RPC.