SL NEO Media Platform Concept

The Concept of client-server Software for Broadcasting tasks was first presented by SkyLark Technology at NAB 2010. The idea was based on the interaction of software modules with different functionality, working together in real time on one or more server platforms.

The task of the modules is to execute specific sequences of operations with streaming and file content according to schedules and rules.

The task of the system is to automate production and broadcasting workflows. The concept implied that in order to organize the workflow it was necessary to choose the number, types of software modules by functionality, establish relationships between them and thus organize parallel processes from the chains of operations.

The past years were a good proof of concept: The concept is working and the software product is being actively developed! The arrival of cloud services again shows the relevance of the modular structure of software.

Today over 1000 TV channels are formed on the basis of the SkyLark solutions: from national to regional and thematic channels. And no matter what computing resources are used for broadcasting: a system consisting of dozens of servers or just one physical or virtual machine, the functionality is based on the combined and coordinated work of the SL NEO!