25/30...50/60 fps, 4x3G SDI or 6/12G SDI I/O, IP Streaming, H.264, HEVC Support
SkyLark Technology becomes a supplier to Eurosport - №1 Pan-European TV Channel
More than 250 TV Channels choose SL NEO Media Platform from SkyLark Technology
Up to 8 x HD Channels In A Box: Automation, Branding, Ingest and Playout - into one platform
Integrated systems for Content Management and Automated Multichannel Delivery
Ingest, Playout, Graphics, MAM Solutions for Live/Studio/News Production
Multichannel HD/SD Instant Replay with Slow Motion for Live Sports Production
Real-time Multi-Layer Live Production Graphics and On-Air Channel Branding
Solutions for Government Compliance Recording and Channel Monitoring
HD/SD SDI & DVB-ASI/IP TS Multi-Viewers, Multichannel DVB MPEG-2/H.264 Encoders
SkyLark Technology - Broadcast Automation, Channel In A Box, Ingest and Playout Servers, Broadcast Graphics, Streaming, Asset Management

IT Products and Solutions for Television Broadcasting and Production 

Integrated Multichannel Ingest, Playout, Broadcast Automation Systems 

Single-Platform Multifunctional "Channel-In-A-Box" (SD/HD/4K)

Solutions for Timeshift Broadcasting and Ad Insertions

Realtime Graphics Systems for Channel Branding & Live Production

Compliance Recording, Monitoring and Logging Servers

Instant Replay & Slow Motion Systems for Live Sports Production

Scalable Multiviewers with DVB-ASI/IP TS Decode Capability

Broadcast Multichannel MPEG-2/H.264 Encoders/Decoders

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Skylark Technology Inc. is a Canadian based solutions provider specializing in next generation IT-based Broadcast Automation & Playout Systems, Channel In a Box, Multichannel Ingest, Broadcast Graphics Servers & Software, Time Shift, Subtitling, CC, Ad Insertions Solutions, Servers for Live Sports Production, Asset Management Systems.


Skylark Technology, Inc. is a software development company of flexible SL NEO Media Platform, Media-Servers software and hardware technologies for Multiformat Ingest, Playout, Content Management and Delivery. Skylark’s automated workflow products provide solutions ranging from Single-Channel, Central Cast, or Regional Break-Away Playout to Powerful Enterprise Delivery Systems.

Skylark Technology, Inc. services the broadcast and entertainment industry including television networks, cloud playout providers, terrestrial broadcasters, cable, satellite, IPTV Telecomm operators, content producers, local broadcasters such as public access channels, government channels, universities, colleges, and private/public schools.

Skylark also services other industries such as Web & Mobile Broadcasters, the Travel Industry, and the Digital Signage Industry.

Skylark Technology’s broadcast quality solutions bridge traditional broadcast and production operations with digital and more efficient IT-based technology. The modular & scalable architecture of the Skylark software and hardware gives you the opportunity to design the right solution for your facility at the right price.

Skylark utilizes popular off-the-shelf hardware, operating systems, and database operating systems for a smaller footprint with cost-effective operations, maintenance, and support.

During 2009-2015 Skylark Technology Inc. not only deployed hundreds of SL NEO series media-servers and software bundles for self-assembly but more than 100 turn-key projects of different complexity and architecture.

There are currently more than 600 SL NEO servers and signal processors operating worldwide in a multitude of configurations. Skylark has designed automation configurations for broadcast, production, archiving, on-air monitoring, web streaming, and many more media related operations and workflows.

Functional requirement for our projects range from playout centers and live news production to multichannel ingest and archiving solutions.

Skylark’s SL NEO line Media Servers & Processors are affordable, reliable and easy to use. The SL NEO series is the foundation of a modern IT-based automated broadcast facility.

SL NEO Media Servers are multi-format devices, containing all necessary functions to operate recording and play-out channels with sophisticated broadcast graphics. Simultaneous multi-channel recording and playback with dynamic multi-layered graphics are among these functions.

The main advantage of SL NEO series is the possibility to combine traditional broadcast technologies with new Channel-In-A-Box technology by supporting the most popular Third-party devices, such as: routers, switchers and VTRs. Modular architecture and the distributed nature of the SL NEO software allows us to find the optimal balance of the number of server systems, and functions performed for any workflow and budget.

By the NAB 2015 Skylark Technology company has finished development of the new SL NEO server models working in Ultra HD 4K formats and High Frame Rate modes.