Projects in Central Asia

SIAstan is a System Integrator and Partner of SkyLark Technology in Central Asia. The company office is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Broadcasting of more than 20 Tterrestrial and Cable Channels on the territory of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan was organized on the basis of technologies and solutions of SkyLark Technology. Playout Systems are based on Channels in a Box solution.

Republican channels of Kazakhstan: Channel 31, Otats TV, Gakku TV, Asyl-Arna, Muzzon, Toi-Duman, BazarTV, RBC, Halyk Arna, ON TV, Business TV, HIT TV, Tengritag.

National channels of Uzbekistan: Zo’r TV, Sevimli, Milliy TV.

  • REN TV and channel 31 — SCTE-104 tag generation without additional equipment.
  • Gakku channel — integration with Digiton rotaror, V-mix for audio and video transitions between clips.
  • Automatic closed captioning generation for cable operators.
  • Branding on the implementation of secondary event concepts.
  • Integration with third-party control and analysis systems.
  • KTK channel — receiving DTMF tags to control regional programming.
  • Monitoring of regional channels by integrating Forward products using the SRT protocol.
Why SkyLark Technology?
  • Strong market position (thousands of installed systems worldwide).
  • Flexible use of solutions allows for multiple expansions of existing functionalities.
  • All necessary components for production and broadcasting workflows: Capture, Ingest, Playout, Channel Branding, MAM, Streaming, Video/Audio/File/Data Processing, Control, Monitoring.
  • Professional Support. Warranty and post-warranty technical support, maintenance services guarantee system operability during the whole period of its operation.
  • Training videos and operator training programs help staff quickly adapt to the user interface and functions of the client software.
  • Easy administration of server platforms: extensive technical knowledge base, training programs for administrators.