Playout Center for Multiplex Cloud (USA)

Multiplex Cloud provides a full range of cloud broadcasting services for television stations and networks operating in the United States. In addition, the company supplies over-the-air and service television signals over IP networks.

SkyLark Teсhnology won the tender to supply Multiplex Cloud with server and client software for the main technological processes — recording, importing, transcoding and content management, generation of program signals, formation of transport streams, subtitling, reception and generation of tags for regional broadcasting, multiplexing, multiscreen monitoring and broadcast recording.

Specialists of the two companies organized broadcasting of more than 20 SD/HD channels. The system is constantly expanding, the transition to broadcasting in the UHD format is planned.

Playout solution is based on the Channel-In-A-Box from SkyLark

Using CIAB helped to reduce project budget and service cost for customers primarily due to abandoning SDI path elements: IP encoders and decoders, up/down/down converters, switches, distributors, audio processing modules. The functions of all these devices are entrusted directly to the broadcast servers, or rather to the SL NEO software and CPU/GPU hardware resources.

The tight integration of all components in the software modules from one company, the software developer, allowed to create a comprehensive solution for broadcasting, delivery and distribution of content. As the system evolves, it can be upgraded and the number of channels can be increased.

By reducing the cost of services compared to traditional methods, Multiplex Cloud claims a certain market share in the U.S. and intends to squeeze the major players in the industry. According to Joe Winston, president of the company, Multiplex Cloud’s customers include such players as Southern Network, which distributes signals, DTV America, which is building its own network by adding channels generated by Multiplex Cloud.

Broadcasters benefit from the system not only in lower capital costs, but also in the broad functionality of the platform and the convenience of creating new channels-federal, niche, corporate, regional-that can be managed from anywhere via the Internet from Windows, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

In addition to generating TV channels, Multiplex Cloud solves the problem of the so-called «standby» broadcasting, duplicating the main TV channel broadcasting systems and their distribution networks. When building redundant systems, the territorial separation of the main and backup sites, as well as the cost of creating and maintaining a redundant circuit play an important role. To solve this problem, SkyLark and Multiplex Cloud offer their customers highly reliable and budget-friendly options.

Multiplex Cloud was founded in 2006 in the United States to provide content distribution services to the television and cable industry.