VNPT Media’s MyTV HD and 4K Channels

VNPT provides a unified linear distribution platform over IPTV and OTT. Most of the channels are turn around and are provided from content aggregators such as Qnet.

VNPT was seeking to manage its own HD channels and release a new linear channel in 4K capable of advanced graphics with Picture in Picture effects, crawlers, tickers and a powerful channel branding.

The new channels were required to work in the IP domain with the provision of a Playout Automation that could handle IP audio and video streams in order to simplify and eliminate unnecessary single points of failure.

The output complies with MPEG-TS encoded signals in H.264 for HD and H.265 for the 4K UHD channels, The outputs also include multiple concurrent bitrate variants to facilitate the conversion to HTTP HLS ABR to the OTT platform, besides the delivery to of the MPEG-TS to the IPTV platform.

Moreover, each server has two inputs per each program channel output, one input for live IPTS streams and the other for the reception of satellite and studio feeds over SDI. For the IP inputs, a virtual router capable of switching IP sources is also in place as part of the Playout Automation, in order to ease the management of the feeds in the program channel output and record content form different providers. At last, there is a backup server that may either serve as a backup of the three HD program channels or the UHD program.

Skylark deployed 3 servers for this project.

  • One with SLNEO 3363 with 3 HD IP Program channels, 3 IP inputs and 3 3G-SDI inputs;
  • One with SLNEO 3348 with 4 HD IP Program channels, 4 IP inputs and 4 3G-SDI inputs;
  • and one SL NEO 3411 with 1 UHD IP Program channel, 1 UHD IP input and 1 UHD Quad- 3G-SDI input.